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Panorama XDV360 reviews and test
Views: 7,942   replies: 26
Last Reply: Jeremyhodgin (Yesterday, 09:12 PM)
just got the camera... nice clean and compact... found an awesome Asian dude on youtube helped finger out what to use for software... Kodak is easy and tedious... took 2 installs the repair did nothing ... quick click and set of initi...
Record while charging?
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Last Reply: xiaohui (Feb 17 2017 05:21 PM)
Today, I caught the alert, flashed and disappeared very quickly. I captured it said "Recording Stopped due to 360 CAM temperature". It will happen when you finish the first 20 minutes. You won't be able to take another 20 minutes if you don't t...
Tips: How to remove scratches from lens in 360 camera?
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Last Reply: oleg (Feb 17 2017 02:45 PM)
See this video, someone clean lens in Nikon Keymission 360 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MAIFiDlc_c What is your advice to remove scratches from lens?
Insta360 Pro overheating
Views: 9   replies: 0
Last Reply: solidss (Feb 17 2017 02:18 PM)
Do you think that so professional 360 camera can overheat? Is there any system against overheating?
Insta360 Pro reviews
Views: 9   replies: 0
Last Reply: solidss (Feb 17 2017 02:13 PM)
Few questions and answers about Insta360 Pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKxmlwo1hMI What do you think about this 360 professional camera? I thought that it is smaller.

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#1 Guest_Andre Hote_*

Guest_Andre Hote_*
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Posted 27 October 2016 - 09:26 AM

Basically a mewcomer in the world of virtual visits 360 (for real estate purposes mostly), but quite familiar if not savvy with Autopano Giga and even more with Photoshop, I would very much like to know whether I would be better off using an already purchased ultra wide angle lens of the 14-28mm range, or getting a cheap but quite decent fisheye lens (Samyang for instance), or else an all-in-one kit like Giroptic, Samsung, Ricoh… that will do a quick and possibly not too dirty job, saving time. I reckon that ultimate quality is not at stake at this stage, just for virtual visits of apartments.

In case I should opt for the higher quality, is a fisheye lens much easier to stitch than an ultrawide angle which Arnaud Fritch seems to point out), using Autopano Giga which I own anyway? I never found pictures stitching taken with an ultawide angle very convincing or easy, even with a large overlapping area bteween frames while with standard or tele lenses it is done in a breeze. Have I missed something or is the eye very forgiving when it comes to virtual visits?

Also, has Panotour any use for the strict stitching function or is this the Autopano Giga’s sole realm?

Very grateful for any answer bridging the gaps in my present concept and in getting equipped.

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