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  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum so this is my first post. At school myself and a group of others are sending a camera up into space, and we want to also use a 360 camera up there - possibly the Samsung Gear 360 2017 edition. The only trouble is the low temperatures of around -45C / -50F (and possibly below) at 100,000ft (30km) altitude where the He balloon will burst. Does anyone have any tips on doing this, so as to still be able to achieve a 4k 360 video, without the camera completely breaking? Thanks in advance! Kieran
  3. Hello, ok i learned a lot about 360 cams in the first hours using my new camera. But probably you can help me by finding answers to the following questions: Am i only able to edit the view of the film with the smartphone app? Is it not possible to edit with the studio software on mac? the camera supports 120 fps. But as i see only in the bullet time mode. So if you wish to do a normal videoshot in 120 fps and slow it down in your editing software - you're lost. the bullet time mode only shows 180° or something? Greetings!
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  5. Diving

    As anyone used the insta 360 one camera for diving? If so what is the quality like? And can you change the white balance later when editing your videos Cheers
  6. Theta Windows App 3.3.2 dead slow

    I have the same issue, did you ever resolve this?
  7. I have a question about using the Insta360 Air. Is there a way on Youtube or another platform to display my photos in Perspective Mode (picture left/right)?
  8. Sampling Type

    I also want to know differences between the Sampling Types (fast, medium and slow) in insta360 sticher...
  9. Yeah i've been having some problems with it too
  10. Bracketing on Android app

    Has anyone got an update on this, I was going to purchase this camera for Raw bracketing alone... Is it still a jpg only setting? That is such a waste. I am looking at using it to create 360 HDR Images for CGI where capturing the whole dynamic range in the best quality settings is key. If there is a work around is someone able to show me please? Many Thanks, Josh
  11. Where is the address for support as insta one 360 camera as I have a different problem and no5 for this thread but if any of you guys know what’s wrong I would be grateful. my camera after putting it into the video record mode , only records for one minute then switches itself off? why is it doing this as need to record for a lot longer? help please many thanks Steve
  12. Can anyone help with what’s happening with my insta one 360 camera as my video shuts down after one minute on its own all the time?
  13. Insta 360 Corrupt Files

    Any luck on recovering these files? I'm chatting with customer support now... no luck so far.
  14. Hi, I was sharing my 360º images on Twitter, but after last Ricoh Theta update on IOS, when I press the share button, an "Share with the current orientation" a pop up appears and it says: "Allow the image to be shared on Facebook" I remember Facebook settings was there but now it's missing. I tested "Share on Facebook,etc" and I can, but I cannot share on Twitter as before Do you know what I need to do ? Thanks Manel
  15. 25fps not 30fps

    Half the world uses 50 hz mains which makes led, gas discharge and fluorescent lights flash on and off with one ‘on’ and one ‘off’ every 25th of a second. Recording at 25fps will therefore always collect an even amount of illumination per frame in the uk, Europe etc. I bought an insta one for recording interior walkthroughs and the 30fps video strobes like crazy. Surely it will eventually dawn on manufacturers that what could well be a simple fix, will lead to more sales and good PR.
  16. Camera resolution

    Hello everyone, I took some pictures with my new Vuze camera and I'm a little bit disappointed with the resolution en sharpness of the pictures (example is attached). Do you guys know if there is a way to improve the resolution of the camera (any setting or something like that) or is this not possible? Thanks in advance!!
  17. Just awaiting my Insta 360 Pro delivery, and wondering if I can mount it on the ceiling (ie, upside down). Sounds like a stupid question, but I just realised I should check that it has a live flip function to reverse the Y axis. Reason for this is I am trying for a simple pipe mount that will have minimal impact on the view. Camera would live stream the room out of the way when not on a shoot. Any insight welcome....
  18. nifty little camera ,the raw format is a major bonus, we use it on shoots when there is no time to setup a proper hdri rig , would be great if there is an option ( or app) to auto bracket exposure for HDRI
  19. Refine Stitching

    Hello, I bought the Vuze+ camera. I installed the VUZE VR software. "Refine Stitching" option is not available. The tab is grayed out, I can not access it. Do you have an idea to solve this problem? Thank you
  20. Video-thread to OBS

    Hello, Does anybody know how to use "Insta360 Air" as webcam with monoscopic picture in OBS? I tried to search for info but no result. There's 2 circles in attached image (webcam's view). How can I transform this from stereoscopic to monoscopic (look below)?
  21. I contacted support, and they said that I was using the wrong file. Rather than opening a .jpg, Insta360 Studio can only edit .insp/.insv files. If you have those original files, you should be able to edit them perfectly fine. Unfortunately, there is no way to convert .jpg or .png to .insp/.insv, so make sure you do not delete your original files. You may need them later. Hope this helps!
  22. Check the WiFi SSID. It includes the last 6 digit, which you add 00 in front of it and use it as password. For example the WiFi SSID is LGR105_123456.OSC, than the password is 00123456.
  23. Does anyone have a fix for this yet? I tried calling support and they weren't very helpful...
  24. Firmware update

    Can anyone share the latest firmware package file?
  25. Video Quality

    Hi folks, I've been playing around with the Video on my camera, and found some frustrating issues. The quality looks good when I view it it the Ricoh software used to convert it for YouTube and other such places. However, when uploading it to YouTube or anywhere else I've shared my experiments so far, the quality seems to drop right down. The video I put on Youtube looks horrible compared to the original on my desktop, it's very stuttery at the beginning and really quite blurrey in the background too. Any tips or ideas for being able to share the best qualirt video online? Cheers
  26. Same issue here, all my options are greyed out
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