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  2. Facebook uploads are up side down

    Mike, I had the same problem. Your fix did the trick. Thanks!
  3. Last week
  4. Bracketing on Android app

    Sorry - I answered my open question. Bracketing does not seem to be supported if you select RAW. That's bizarre. The kind of people who would want bracketing are also the people who would want to shoot in RAW :-)
  5. Hello, On my Android app (version there is a tab for Bracketing, but it does not do anything. A colleague of mine has the IOS app, and his bracketing does seem to work. Is anyone using bracketing on Android? Cheers, Geoff
  6. Hello, The Mi Sphere app allows me to post photos and video directly to Facebook, but not to YouTube. I found info on the metadata injector for video on Youtube, but can anyone point me to how I can upload 360 still images to YouTube please? Cheers, Geoff
  7. Earlier
  8. I have Huawei LUA-L22 4 cores 1.0 GHz 1GB RAM with Android 5.1. I would like to update firmware in Gear 360 (2017) and check out what other things that phone app does. I just found “XDA developer Bin4ry modified Samsung Gear 360 Manager”. What cons there is if i use it vs if i loan some ones Samsung phone? Any other options to update firmware and use other app features? Thanks
  9. Raspberry pi

    Anybody done this?
  10. New firmware update available

    Where i can find release history of updates and/or page or rss-feed telling when there is new updates so i can loan again Android phone and update? Thanks
  11. Is it possible now to update without Android?
  12. Does anybody have created DIY remote control for Gear 360 2017? I only need remote control not all stuff that comes with Samsung Gear 360 Value Kit. Thanks
  13. What? Where you change the mode? sounds absurd
  14. How do I take a picture with the insta360 nano without me being in it?
  15. Artifact Issue and Solution

    (Wasn't quite sure if this should in tips and tricks since it might work outside of the Gear360) My 2 hardware specs are this: Desktop: Intel Core i7 6700 16GB DDR4-2134 RAM AMD Radeon RX560 500GB SSD Laptop: Intel Core i7 6700HQ 16GB DDR4-2134 RAM Nvidia GeForce GTX960M 500GB NVMe SSD I was using the laptop with no issue just a little slow. Then I picked up the tower but noticed that my videos on the tower were artifacting really badly even with the same settings. So I started doing some process of elimination and discovered that the "Enable Hardware Encoding" setting was the culprit. For whatever reason the software did not like my Radeon encoding the files. As soon as I disabled that everything was back to normal and it took no longer to stitch or produce the file. I have samples screenshots if anyone is interested or can even post youtube videos. Hope this helps as it was driving me crazy for the past 4 hours! Hahahaha
  16. Gear 360 iPad

    Where do I find the app Gear 360 for my ipad?, I cannot find in app store
  17. Hi I have videos recorded with allie go set but with the AllieCam web site offline it´s impossible to get in to the program to convert them, somebody know how to convert the videos .ts to .mp4?
  18. e-CAM130_TRICUTX2 (TRICamera) is a multiple camera solution for NVIDIA® Jetson TX1/TX2 developer kit that consists of three 13 MP 4-Lane MIPI CSI-2 camera board and an base board to interface with the J22 connector on the Jetson TX1/TX2. Each camera is based on the camera module e-CAM137_CUMI1335_MOD, 1/3.2" AR1335 color CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor® and integrated high performance Image Signal Processor (ISP).
  19. Same here. Anyone find a solution?
  20. Hi all, I recently got my insta360 Air and I'm quite excited to use it for shooting innovative travel videos. I wanted to ask if it'll be a good idea to tie the camera and phone to some air filled ballons and take shots to simulate levitation? Asking coz it's illegal to use drones here in India. Any precautions you can suggest or any tips for shooting efficiently are welcome. Thanks Tarun
  21. Is there anyway to reset the the top and bottom of the 360 if the camera is held horizontally? At the moment is I try to pan in in the insta 360 studio it doesn't seem to have a option?
  22. Insta360 Pro overheating

    I haven't tried in over 85 degrees F.
  23. Insta360 Pro issues and bugs

    How big is your external drive? I've recorded up to 2 hours straight to an external.
  24. Hi all, I am new to 360 video using GoPro fusion. The color, stabilisation and quality are great. However, the software is not as good. Stitching with its studio is not an easy task, slow and lack of control, I almost just directly export the video and edit in premiere. I am now just trying to take some direct walking 360 video and upload to YouTube to let people experience the beauty of Hong Kong. I find it is so hard to hide myself while moving and finally give up and just add a logo there... For the YouTube 360, it always gives a poor quality watching in desktop even in 4K. It need to be watch by mobile, as it zoomed in abit! Hope YouTube can improve it later by provide zoom control. In future, I will try the reframing when I got more footage... Roam My videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgO5xESAUmEawhKG4SVXSuw
  25. Lost Connection to Camera

    This is unfortunately a known issue since at least April. The problem is an incompatibility with the latest versions of iOS, 11.3 and now 11.4. While Nikon is aware of the issue, they have not released an updated app to resolve this issue, nor given any timeline for its release. Sadly they did release a new updated app, but it only had fixes for other issues, and did not address this issue. I have been waiting for a fix for a while. The only way I have discovered a work-around is by using an iPad that I did not update to the latest iOS. There are drawbacks to this, but so far it’s the only way I’ve been able to use the camera to shoot remotely. Nikon has yet to release any service alert or have any support articles addressing the problem. They did post a notification on the Apple App Store for the Nikon SnapBridge 360/170 app regarding the incompatibility. I contacted their support, both over the phone, and via their support website, and complained about the issue. I would suggest anyone facing the same issue do so as well, as I think they need to understand the seriousness of the problem. I’m not sure why it is taking so long, while I am trying to be patient, I really cannot use the camera effectively at this point in time. In all other respects, the camera has worked quite well for me, so I would not give up hope. I can understand if you have just purchased the camera that this would be frustrating.
  26. Insta 360 Corrupt Files

    I keep receiving error messages upon import for some of my files. The files seem to be fine in the file but once I try to import into the software it shows an exclamation sign warning. When I try to import it says "unable to retrieve recording metadata". What should I do? is there another option to stitch this video? The footage plays fine from the file.
  27. Can 360 degree photos be post processed?

    I took a Gear 360 photo into Photoshop to enhance the image. When I now take the enhanced image into the Gear 360 software to view the image in 360 degrees nothing happens. It shows me the front lens view and the back lens view, but it is no longer stitched together to allow me to view it in 360 degrees. Obviously, I'm missing a step here. When I took the image into Photoshop this must have removed the stitching done in Gear 360. Do I now have to somehow manually restitch the two images? How is that done?
  28. Just updated my Windows App to 3.3.2 and now I can't rotate in real-time. Something broke. My laptop might be old but it used to work just fine. The image displayed in the App also seems to be not smooth with all the edges showing artifacts. The uploaded images to the Theta web sites looks fine. Is the new Theta windows App using new graphics feature not supported in slightly older Intel laptops? or is it Microsoft windows 10 update?
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