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  4. Identifying objects and People

    Is there any simple way to add graphics or images onto 360 video to help with identifying who and what is present in a room or space?
  5. Hi, I'm searching to display the live video streaming on VLC (for example). Anybody knows the RTSP address where I can get the stream ? My camera IP Address is but it seems that the stream would be at a specific address. The idea would be to use my camera on a Synology with Surveillance Station which needs this info. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I really need your help..i just buy LG 360 Cam. And I really excited with this cam I have a problem with video i taken I have no clear 360 video but it has a something like blind spot (but in photo no blind spot like in video) The blindspot i mean there are like black side between camera 1 and camera 2 I tried to upload image but cannot If you have seen the same issue like me or you know about it..I really need your help guys Thank you
  7. Insta360 Pro Issues

    I've been having a lot of problems with the Insta360 Pro lately. I just want to see if anyone have experience similar problems and if anyone has ideas how to fix them. First problem I've been running into is that sometimes the footage will lag or drop frames making it look like people are teleporting. This is before even stitching the video. I don't know why this is happening and I'm still waiting for a reply from Insta360. I've also run into issues when I'm trying to edit the video in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. Audio and Video refuses to sync. I've spent hours with adobe support without finding a solution. They believe the camera shoots at a variable frame rate but Insta360's support tells me different. I've also tried to encode the footage to a constant frame rate and change file format and nothing helps. Sometimes when I'm shooting the camera decides that the memory card is suddenly not fast enough and crashes. I think this problem has to do with overheating but I'm not sure. I'm now shooting to an SSD and that seems to have fixed the issue. Let me know if anyone have had these issues or if they might have a solution for me.
  8. Hi all, I recently got a Gear 360 and have a little problem with it. The action director does not correct the horizon with the gravity sensor at all. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Any help is much appreciated on this, many of images are tilted, and it is a bummer Thanks utack
  9. Insta360 Pro issues and bugs

    The wi-ficonnection to smartphone for a co-worker dropped repeatedly during a photo shoot. Has anybody else here had this issue?
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  11. Insta 360 Corrupt Files

    Having the exact same issue. It's really REALLY frustrating. I'm on a shoot, and 70% of my day has gone to nothing unless I can recover these files.
  12. OctoPad support base

    Many thanks to these independent reviewers!
  13. This time I want to share a review for panoramic camera: Panono - A $1799 Tossable Panoramic Camera. Panono is a nice prosumer bordering on professional 360 camera, but the prohibitive price might be the biggest limiting factor in expanding its market. This tutorial gives out an overall introduction from appearance to functions, and step by step how to use Panono to shoot a 360 photo. Hope this can help!
  14. Hi Everyone, Wondering if I could pick your brain a bit. We are a construction company wanting to do 360 degree photos, not so much videos. For example when a construction project is at the framing stage with all electrical wiring, HVAC, etc. We like to capture and document this in case of issues in the future or for reference. We often take photos of critical areas, which results in lots of photos. We would prefer to take one per "room" with the ability to move around within the photo and zoom after the fact. Both cool, efficient and effective. I've looked at the GoPro Omni & GoPro Fusion, we are looking for pretty hi-rez. I have some examples I can send of specifically the quality, etc. Which I believe is utilizing the GoPro Omni to accomplish this. Thanks in advance!
  15. Android Free app (Misphere converter) is a solution, it will not work after 12/31, 2017 though.
  16. It is great that the latest firmware update for the Mi Sphere camera allows you to shoot RAW (dng) files, but after editing them in Photoshop, then saving as jpegs, the Mi Sphere desktop app will no longer stitch them...it only stitches the original jpeg files. An solution for this? Duke
  17. Thanks for responding...I discovered that the problem was with the default video player. VLC and Quicktime players worked fine! Duke
  18. As a seasoned veteran in shooting 360, Druu offers three tips for those new to 360 storytelling. 1. Treat your 360 camera like a regular camera. One of the biggest mistakes he sees in vlogs, Druu explains, is that creators forget everything they know about storytelling and treat a 360 camera with completely different standards. That needs to stop. All the essentials for a successful story told through a regular camera remain valid for 360 cameras: You still need to have a storyboard in your mind, a general idea of the value you hope to provide, the location where you want to record, the atmosphere you would like to create, intro, outro and so on. 2. Choose your "main lens" before you start recording. As a rule, Druu chooses one camera lens as his "main lens" that always faces in his direction when he records, because 90% of the time your viewer will focus on you throughout your videos. An exception to this rule is when you want your viewers to turn, which means you will need to start your next scene with the lens you switched to, as that will be where people are looking at now. 3. Storyboarding can't take care of everything. Be spontaneous. Being a backpacker, it's not always possible for Druu to plan exactly what he's recording with the storyboard. This is where spontaneity comes in. TO read the interview with 360 Druustory: Storytelling for Shaping the Future of Virtual Reality.
  19. Hi from Colombia

    Hi I am a 59 year old, British Expat living in Colombia, where I have now been for six years. I have just started dabbling in 360, and am still not sure how much use I will get out of it, my only income being my pension, I have restricted my budget accordingly, I started out with a Pano View XDV360, and have just ordered an LG - R105 as my first step up. I am hoping to learn from yourselves, and in doing so, if I can produce some half decent results, I may well make a bigger investment.
  20. Now 360 photos can be easily turned into videos! New feature VeeR Slideshow to VeeR Editor has been launched today. This new feature empowers creators to combine 360 videos and panoramic photos into a unique video memory. With our recent launch of VeeR Editor, we are thrilled to see a large amount of super fun and creative 360 videos made with this powerful mobile editing tool. As VeeR never relents on making the creation experience better for all 360 enthusiasts, we want to further enrich the functionalities of VeeR Editor by enabling our users to create a slideshow with both 360 photos and videos.
  21. Hi, I'm about to get a Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360 camera and I'm trying to figure out which software I need in order to use it for my goal. The goal is to record a volleyball game when the camera is fixed a little above the net level, close to one of the net ends, and it will be positioned such that each lens is facing a different side of the court (i.e. a different team). After the game I would like to edit the video on my PC and produce a new "normal" rectilinear video that sorts of following the ball and show only the relevant parts of the game. In the beginning team A is serving the ball so I want my video to zoom in on that part and show the guy who is serving. Then I want the video to zoom out as the ball is flying towards the court of team B. Then team B is catching the ball and passing it on its side so I want to zoom on that part, and at some point team B would try to attack team A so I'd like to zoom out a little and see the guy who is hitting the ball from team B and the court of team A. I'm doing this in order to document my wife's league games, and I hope that by watching it after the game she and her teammate will be able to improve their game. For example, by examining the arrangement of the defending team when a player is hitting from position 1, vs. position 2, vs. position 3, etc, the attacking player can learn where the defense holes are and improve her skill in finding them during the game. The point-of-shooting - right above the net, should be perfect for getting a nice view over both court sides. I know that Xiaomi has a PC tool for converting the double fisheye video capture into an equirectangular panoramic video. So that's the first step. But I'm not sure what should be the next step. I assume that I need a special video editing software, but I don't know which one gives the functionality that I need. I'm looking for something affordable and relatively easy to use, since this is just a hobby for me. The most important thing is that it should allow me to do the sort of editing that I want to do - to change the projection into rectilinear while cropping just the parts of the full view that I'm interested in and to change the crop along the timeline - so it will look as if the camera is moving from one spot to another (like following the ball from one side of the court to the other).. Does anyone have a recommendation for a software for this task? Thanks!
  22. Best Software To Create A 360 Virtual Tour

    Well, have no idea about the application Cupix. But it seems good and free by searching on Google. Wanna share you a free 360 video editing app free for smartphone, VeeR Editor, allowing you to edit 360 videos or photos on the go. Hope this will help your first virtual tour . BTY, your works are welcomed to upload on our platform VeeR VR, a global sharing platform for 360 photos and videos.
  23. Insta360 dropped its new camera, the ONE many have been hankering after. Compared to other consumer 360 cameras, Insta360 ONE goes 11 on fanciness, featuring bullet time, FreeCapture, little planet mode, beauty camera, etc, each a staple for viral 360 posts. Here is the Insta360 ONE review by VeeR VR. Hope this will help.
  24. To create great panoramic photos, the tool is very important. So here will introduce some good panorama stitching software, and we've already made some tutorials to help the better using. Like the PTGui , a professional photo editing tool, I think many people know of this. Besides, there is also great alternatives software, like the KRPano, we have a tutorial about how to create panoramic photos with KRPano; Hugin is also a very powerful open source panoramic image creator and editor. Also the Pano2VR ultimate user guide, clearly show you how to create a Two-Node Mini-Tour.
  25. Hi, It’s my first time getting to grips with a 360 camera. I have just bought a Samsung Gear 360 2017 camera. I’m looking to take numerous 360 images of the inside of a new building and to create a virtual tour. I have had a look online and come across a web based application called Cupix. Has anyone used it? Is there anything better out there? I don’t mind paying as long as it’s under £100. Thanks in advance.
  26. Is anyone else having trouble with easily corrupted .mp4 files generated by the Insta360 pro? It seems to happen when I try to pull the .mp4 files directly into the Insta360 editing or stitching software. If I pull the files in, sometimes it corrupts the files on my external drive permanently, giving a "insv" icon. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is the Insta360 software that buggy? It shouldn't be this easy to corrupt a file.
  27. 3.5K video recording problem

    You may want to check to see on the card if it a "U1". I believe that you would need a "U3" to record 4K. Hope this helps.
  28. Insta360 Pro issues and bugs

    Every time I go up import my footage the last clip will not transfer or playback. Maybe its corrupting the last video before I turn it off. Although there is no sign that it is still processing. major issue that I need to sort out.
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