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  4. Read/write error

    Should I not be able to plug my gear 360 into my pc (USB cable), using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Card, DCIM folder. Once there delete photos? Every time I try to delete photos I get: cannot delete 360_0019.jpg: The storage is write-protected. Remove the write-protection and try again. Now if I take the micro SD out of the camera and put it into the adapter, shove the adapter directly into my laptop. I can delete through Windows Explorer. This doesn't seem right. I shouldn't have to take the micro sd out of the camera every time I want to delete something. I should be able to leave micro sd in camera and delete through windows explorer. I have tried everything to remove the write protection, registry, (diskpart at the command prompt), clearing read only. Nothing works! Please help. Do I need a particular micro sd card? I'm currently using a Lexar C 10/UHS-1 (64 GIG).
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  6. Best camera and setup

    I want to record 4k video and upload it to a private IP address for people in other countries to view. What camera would be best for this, and what would be the best setup? The camera will be used on semi dusty sites with low-ish light. Thanks.

    As you can see fellas, spammers gave up after we implemented multiple improvements in security and moderation!!! Yay
  8. This tv is only 1-2 months old. Has steadily been getting worse with the flashing screen. Regardless of what I am watching or on whatever input the screen flashes a white light on the screen every few minutes. The whole screen doesn't turn white, but there's a very noticeable white light flashing. How do I fix this?
  9. Nano video lagging

    Dude, same thing here and is pissing me off, i installed the app in 3 diferent iphones and same story... maybe with new ios they need to update the app... this feature is not working at all
  10. Hello, Okay, so i have a Samsung 360 gear (2017) and a Samsung VR oculus headset. After recording many videos and pics with the 360 camera, I want to now view them on my VR... IF i Save a clip from the 360 onto my phone... I can use the VR and go to Gallary and view them. BUT what if i dont want to save the clip to my phone... (because there are many pics and vids that saved onto the Gear's SDcard) IS it possible to use the VR to directly connect to the 360 and view them (without me having to save them onto my phone) using bluetooth or anything? thanks, hope that made sense
  11. Anybody facing this issue of video lagging? All my videos edited and exported using Insta360 nano app in iPhone were lagging! I suspect it could be ios11. Anybody with ios11 can verify please?
  12. 25fps not 30fps

    Well, if we are to shoot correct. Which would be 30 fps -1/60, and 25 fps 1/50. Unfortunately, since our lights are 50 hz, 1/60 makes lights flicker.
  13. how do i stitch

    Hello, i am using a camera (Blurfix 360) it has two lenses and take two videos from front and back. The videos are shown side by side but i cant figure out what programs are compatible for stitching. im not even sure what to look up since there are so many types. i took a snapshot to show what i mean.

    Good idea javierm!
  15. OctoPad support base

    Hello all, We've introduced a new portable, stable base for all sorts of compact cameras and other devices, allowing for reliable setup with minimal fumbling. Visit us at http://www.octopus.camera for more details... many thanks in advance.

    Hello It would be nice to share raw shots from different cameras. perhaps keeping the folder structure and file names for those of us who are interested in comparing different editing software. I own a Kodak sp360 4k. (here some examples of works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7nAMeJgVmk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex-voaYOw7M https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P52ZnB_mVrw I am researching about Virb360 and I have not been able to find raw shots online to test some features of its soft editing. That's why I came up with the idea of the database. If there is interest I can upload unmounted takes to dropbox or another server. I'm from Argentina, excuse my poor English.
  17. Samsung Gear 360 Protective Cover Case

    I bought a lot of them and I was very pleased with them. - It is made of silicone rubber - Easy to attach to the camera
  18. very cheap new cam

    Honestly, i would not recommend you to purchase this camera, it's really not so good and to my mind it is not even worth its price. I've recently seen a good review of some 360 cameras at nuderetouching-com website or somewhere else. There was said that Insta360 Air is good enough. Its price is something around 200$ and it is newer than this one.
  19. Cyberlink Power Director 15 works well and i have been using it for years. Reliable app actually
  20. I bought Gear 360 (2017) camera and it was working well for one full day. After that something happened. Now live camera is working well, but the problem is that I can't preview the images and videos in the gallery within the 360 app. It keeps loading and nothing happens. Sometimes I even get a "network problem". I have tried resetting the camera and reinstalling the app. Nothing helps. Have anyone had similar problem? What should I do? It is connected to Galaxy S7 Edge.
  21. 360 for Northern Lights

    Hei, I am looking for a 360 camera which is good with long time exposure for taking pictures of the Northern Lights. Also making a sequence of pictures to assemble a film. Is it even possible to film with a high ISO? I would be really grateful to get some tipps here. Thanks! Henning
  22. I bought these duals for hot air ballooning but have found that in the clear cover I can only get 35 minutes and in the skeleton frame 45 minutes. Units are hot to the touch. No chance I can set up a fan on these while in the air. Hope the company comes up with a fix.
  23. Does anyone have a good tutorial for post-production of 3D shots in connection with Mistika VR? Thanks for any hints...
  24. 25fps not 30fps

    Where do you want to show the videos? All 360 compatible platforms like YouTube, Jaunt or Vimeo accept 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps. I can't see the problem...
  25. How does it look? Measurements: 78×67.40×24.00 mm What this means: Compared to the spherical design of Gear360, and the Twix-bar-shaped Insta 360 Nano and Theta S, Mi looks more like a regular camera with its flat design. The light weight (108g) also makes it fit easily into your pocket. How does it work? Resolution & stabilization Resolution: Mi supports up to 3.5k at 30fps, but considering the video will be in 360 degrees and an average human field of vision only covers 90 degrees, the actual resolution in VR is 1/4 of what’s listed, which we look forward to seeing improved in Mi’s next release. Stabilization: Mi’s 6-axis stabilization system tackles shaky images head-on and corrects wobble smoothly. Bye-bye nausea and disorientation, and hello discomfort-free viewing experiences! Check out this jitter-less skiing video and see for yourself! Battery life: 1 hour Why: As there isn’t a display on the camera, you will have to monitor what you’re recording by connecting the camera to your phone through Wi-Fi; the device heating up is also an important factor. To connect the camera to your phone, all you need to do is press the Wi-Fi button on your camera and connect your phone to Mi’s network. Dustproof (check) waterproof (check) The IP67 standard for Mi shuts out dust perfectly; also the camera can record for 30 minutes 1m/3.28ft underwater. It can take some light snorkeling, but you might want to be careful before you use it for more heavy-duty underwater shootings. Watch out: To waterproof your camera typically implies you need to fully enclose it in impermeable materials, which tends to lead to overheating. Can overheating be a problem for Mi? The camera is not without its countermeasures against overheating, but the issue might surface after 20 minutes of consecutive recording, and if connected to your phone, it might also heat your phone up. Compatibility: Does it work with my phone? Mi Sphere Camera is one of the most compatible 360 cameras on the market, supporting most, if not all, mainstream Android (5.0 and above)/iOS (9.0 and above) devices. Mi does not offer in-camera stitching yet, which can be done through their mobile app, also named “Mi Sphere Camera”. With the app, you can also readjust camera settings, monitor camera view and support editing & color correction, the whole shebang. The overall control system is very streamlined, but you might experience slight lagging when previewing your videos due to your Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection speed, also the image quality will be reduced to marginally better than 720p. Here’s a sample video made by Mi Sphere Camera: For more Mi videos, search “MadV” in the VeeR app or on our website. Pros and cons? Pros 6-axis stabilization system; Dust-proof and water-proof; Extremely compatible; Easy to share to major social media and VR platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, VeeR, WeChat, and Sina Weibo. Cons Relatively poor resolution under insufficient lighting; Overheating after 20 minutes of shooting; If you upload your videos before disconnecting your phone, your videos will be uploaded at the expense of your data (so always remember to disconnect your phone first and upload through Wi-Fi). To give you a better idea of where Mi stands in face of competition, we came up with this comparison chart between Mi and another major consumer 360 camera—Samsung Gear 360. Advantages of either brand are marked in teal. Brand Mi Sphere Camera Samsung Gear 360 (2017 Version) Price (subject to change) $259 (1699 RMB) $199 on Amazon Resolution Dual Lens: 6912*3456 Dual Lens Mode: 5472*2736 Single Lens Mode: 2304*1296 Video Quality 3456*1728/30fps 4096×2048/24fps Photo Quality 23.88 Megapixels 30 Megapixels ISO Limit 50-1600 100-1600 Codec H.264 MP4 (H.265) Recording Time 75 Mins with Wi-Fi on; 90 Mins with Wi-Fi off Up to 130 Mins with Wi-Fi off On-camera Display None OLED Dimensions 78 * 67.40 * 24.00mm 100.6×46.3×45.1mm Weight 108.3g 130g Dust-/Waterproof IP67 IP53 Compatibility Android 5.0 and above iOS 9.0 and above Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, A5/A7 (2017) running Android 5.0 or later iPhone 7,7+,6S,6S+,SE running iOS 10.0 or later Stabilization EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) System None Worth my money? Price: $289 And the VeeRdict is: Yes, the Mi Sphere Camera is a good buy. A consumer-grade 360 action camera in a traditional flat design, IP67 proof, and user-friendly, all for a good price. It might not get any better than that! Where to buy? Want a Mi for yourself? Buy One Now! Originally from Tiny Yet Beefy: Mi Sphere Camera Is The Whole Package http://veer.tv/blog/tiny-yet-beefy-mi-sphere-camera-is-the-whole-package/
  26. Review Tiny Yet Beefy: Mi Sphere Camera Is The Whole Package http://veer.tv/blog/tiny-yet-beefy-mi-sphere-camera-is-the-whole-package/
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    we will look into it
  28. In what framerate will the Insta360 pro do it´s live stream, we need 25fps over here in euope Thank you, Vincent Lublink
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