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  4. Rylo Camera

    Is there a thread on this forum for the Rylo 360 camera? - Wolf
  5. Hello 360º community!

    Hello, I'm an active motovlogger, and animator/filmmaker getting involved in 360º cameras. Over the summer I purchased a Rylo 360 camera with support accessories, and have only begun to scratch the surface with shooting with it. Glad I found this forum, and I look forward to leaning more from the member, the content and work posted here. - Wolf
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  7. Hello, I want use my iPhone to film a whole basketball game... my iPhone battery is to weak for a whole game... is it possible to charge my iPhone while filming with my nano??
  8. Hi, Im new to this but going on a honeymoon early next year so have time to purchase a camera. Basically going to nice locations, beaches, cbd, mountains, blue waters etc. I want to take some nice pics and videos of our first overseas trip and we plan to go overseas again in the future so want to keep a camera for a very long time before tech gets better and have to upgrade. Anyway can someone please help me out on a good 360 camera recommendation? Some are expensive saw one that was $5k for 8k resolution I dont think I need that much. Had my eyes on the Samsung Gear 360 seemed resonably price but not sure if they are good or if there are better on the market I should go for. Appreciate any help just want to surprise my soon to be wife with a surprise video collaboration of our trip at the end
  9. Share 360 image on Twitter

    I have this issue as well just trying to upload to the Teta360 site
  10. Good morning I wonder if anyone out there can help please I am pulling my hair out (what bit I have left) I can stich pictures and video together on Gear 360 Action Director but it wont let me upload anything am I doing something wrong or is there a software problem any help please would be very welcome Sincere Thanks
  11. Good morning I wonder if anyone out there can help please I am pulling my hair out (what bit I have left) I can stich pictures and video together on Gear 360 Action Director but it wont let me upload anything am I doing something wrong or is there a software problem any help please would be very welcome Sincere Thanks
  12. Hi There, After some googling I managed to retrieve the data form the video's with the Exiftool. So the data is there. Does any one know why the data is not shown in the Keymissin utility tool? Kind regards
  13. Hi There, I am a newbe with the Keymission 360. Wit my first shots I used the Android App to control the camera. In the app I configured that the smartphone location and time are being synchronized with the camera. But looking at the video I haven't found any location or time info. Is this info only stored in photos? Kind regards
  14. Lost Connection to Camera

    Having same issues. my key mission 360 ver is on 1.5 nikon SnapBridge ver is on 1.1.2 wifi connection is getting loss/dropped constantly with 12-15sec Don’t know what to do,:((
  15. Hello, I am looking to have a 360 camera sit on a table for potential up to 6 hours to record house activities. What do you recommend? I was looking at the Samsung gear 360 but do not own a Samsung device.
  16. Dear all, I'm trying to connect my Insta360 pro in my University Internet (Eduroam) with no luck? I enter my account number and password, into the SSID and password box on my insts app on my phone, which then generates a QR code, but doesn't generate a IP address. Can anyone help? I'm trying live stream to FB, but need to get past this first hurdle. Any suggestions, would be hugely appreciated. Many thanks with best wishes Charlie
  17. In case you haven't used this app, it is great for simple and fast 360 video editing on phones. It evens let you frame 360 and transform to normal video (What GoPro calls OverCapture, Insta360 calls FreeCapture. Here is a cool video about it! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/k51AoWMXhP4?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> - GET BETA ON PLAY STORE: http://bit.ly/collectandroid - JOIN IPHONE ALPHA: http://collect.video -
  18. Hi, 2 days ago I received an Insta 360 one, by eBay seller. I connected the app but it didn't show never the firmware version, all times shown desconected. Too I have some problems with 2 pc I connected the cam with USB cable and it connect after 1 one or two seconds it disconnected automatically in one with win 10 64 and another with win 10 86 too. WhatsApp_Video_2018-10-06_at_15_48_07.mp4
  19. Lost Connection to Camera

    I dont understand the lack of customer service that Nikon is giving for this +$500 device. If there is a legitimate hardware issue Nikon, then just take care of your customers by fixing the issue. I dont mind sending it in if I am going to get back an always working device. And since this has been an issue from the start I would hope that there would be no fee on our part to have this issue resolved. This ongoing issue is making me rethink the products that I will buy from Nikon going forward. I will ride a bumpy road as long as I know I will have good roadside assistance when I need it! NIKON FIX THIS!!!!!
  20. Hack LG 360 Cam for remote control

    I've tried with wfuzz: https://github.com/xmendez/wfuzz Nothing found on port 80 ./wfuzz -w wordlist/general/big.txt -R1 it gives only 404 answer.
  21. Hack LG 360 Cam for remote control

    With nmap, I've found opened ports : $ nmap -p1-65535 Starting Nmap 7.01 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2018-09-21 11:50 CEST Nmap scan report for Host is up (0.021s latency). Not shown: 65532 closed ports PORT STATE SERVICE 53/tcp open domain 80/tcp open http 6624/tcp open unknown Http request on port 80 give a 404 message. Is there something interesting at other URL? What to do with other ports?
  22. Hack LG 360 Cam for remote control

    Hi there, I've got a LG 360 Cam and discovered after that the android software requires Android 5.0 (lollipop) and I have 4.4 on my smartphone. I've borrowed a tablet with android 5.0 to make first test. I want to make timelapse with this cam (indeed photos on my bike for mapillary.com), so I need only to activate the mode timelapse and push the button on the cam for start and stop a session. But, the cam doesn't retain the option timelapse, and reset to single photo mode when shutdown the camera. So, I'm investigating to find a way to activate this option by a script or 4.4 android homemade app. If I pair the cam by bluetooth, I can then connect my PC to the wifi of the cam. I see some transactions (thanks to wireshark) for finding the IP of the cam. But then ? I've tried to look at the "LG cam manager" APK with android-studio but I have not fund anything relevant. Anyone has a clue ?
  23. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum so this is my first post. At school myself and a group of others are sending a camera up into space, and we want to also use a 360 camera up there - possibly the Samsung Gear 360 2017 edition. The only trouble is the low temperatures of around -45C / -50F (and possibly below) at 100,000ft (30km) altitude where the He balloon will burst. Does anyone have any tips on doing this, so as to still be able to achieve a 4k 360 video, without the camera completely breaking? Thanks in advance! Kieran
  24. Hello, ok i learned a lot about 360 cams in the first hours using my new camera. But probably you can help me by finding answers to the following questions: Am i only able to edit the view of the film with the smartphone app? Is it not possible to edit with the studio software on mac? the camera supports 120 fps. But as i see only in the bullet time mode. So if you wish to do a normal videoshot in 120 fps and slow it down in your editing software - you're lost. the bullet time mode only shows 180° or something? Greetings!
  25. Diving

    As anyone used the insta 360 one camera for diving? If so what is the quality like? And can you change the white balance later when editing your videos Cheers
  26. Theta Windows App 3.3.2 dead slow

    I have the same issue, did you ever resolve this?
  27. I have a question about using the Insta360 Air. Is there a way on Youtube or another platform to display my photos in Perspective Mode (picture left/right)?
  28. Sampling Type

    I also want to know differences between the Sampling Types (fast, medium and slow) in insta360 sticher...
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