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  1. Tips and Tricks

    Special tricks with 360-degree camera and advices how to make professional 360 vr photo or video in 3D, 4K, Full HD etc.

  2. Professional Photography

    How to make professional 360 and VR panoramic photos? Tips and help.

  3. Professional Filmmaking

    How to make professional 360 and VR videos? Tips and help

  4. Livestream

    Discuss about 360-degrees VR livestreaming online Videos from somewhere. Tips, help and support.

  5. Timelapse

    Discuss about 360° time lapse videos. Tips, help and support.

  6. 3D

    Discuss about 360° vr videos or image in 3D. Tips, help and support.

  7. Water and Underwater

    360-degrees vr videos, photos, issues, support, tips for Wakeboarding, Surfing, Kayaking, Waterskiing, Sailing, Swimming, Diving etc and Tips.

  8. Air

    360° vr videos, photos, issues, help, tips for Drone, Plane, Helicoptor, QuadCopter.

  9. Bike, Motor, Car

    360° vr videos, image, issues, support, tips for Bikes, Motors, Cars,Trucks.

  10. Sports

    360-degrees vr videos or photos from Football, Hockey, Skydiving, Cliff Jumping, Hang Gliding and Tips.

  11. Other Situations

    Discuss about making 360 videos or images in different situations. Help and support.

  12. 360 Platforms

    Discuss about websites supporting 360-degrees videos and photos like Facebook 360, YouTube360, Steet View, Flickr, Kuula and many others.

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    • Should I not be able to plug my gear 360 into my pc (USB cable), using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Card, DCIM folder.  Once there delete photos?  Every time I try to delete photos I get:  cannot delete 360_0019.jpg:  The storage is write-protected.  Remove the write-protection and try again. Now if I take the micro SD out of the camera and put it into the adapter, shove the adapter directly into my laptop. I can delete through Windows Explorer.  This doesn't seem right.  I shouldn't have to take the micro sd out of the camera every time I want to delete something.  I should be able to leave micro sd in camera and delete through windows explorer.  I have tried everything to remove the write protection, registry, (diskpart at the command prompt), clearing read only.  Nothing works!  Please help.  Do I need a particular micro sd card?  I'm currently using a Lexar C 10/UHS-1  (64 GIG).  
    • I want to record 4k video and upload it to a private IP address for people in other countries to view. What camera would be best for this, and what would be the best setup? The camera will be used on semi dusty sites with low-ish light.  Thanks. 
    • As you can see fellas, spammers gave up after we implemented multiple improvements in security and moderation!!! Yay
    • This tv is only 1-2 months old. Has steadily been getting worse with the flashing screen. Regardless of what I am watching or on whatever input the screen flashes a white light on the screen every few minutes. The whole screen doesn't turn white, but there's a very noticeable white light flashing. How do I fix this?
    • Guest Luvinalejo
      Dude, same thing here and is pissing me off, i installed the app in 3 diferent iphones and same story... maybe with new ios they need to update the app... this feature is not working at all
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