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All about Insta360's cameras, issues and help.


  1. Insta360 4k Forum

    Insta 360 camera can livestream in 4k at 15 fps, 3k at 24 fps and 2.7k at 30 fps.

  2. Insta360 Nano camera Forum

    Insta 360 Nano cam connect to iPhone by lightning port.

  3. Insta360 Air Forum

    Insta360 Air is 360 camera for android phones. Help and support.

  4. Insta360 Pro Forum

    Insta360 Pro is 8k 3D 360 camera with livestreaming.


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  1. Insta360Studio most options Greyed out

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  2. Insta360 Nano has died

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  3. Insta360 Panoramic video player

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  4. New microSD card issue

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    • Is there any simple way to add graphics or images onto 360 video to help with identifying who and what is present in a room or space?  
    • Hi, I'm searching to display the live video streaming  on VLC (for example).
      Anybody knows the RTSP address where I can get the stream ? My camera IP Address is but it seems that the stream would be at a specific address. The idea would be to use my camera on a Synology with Surveillance Station which needs this info. Thanks
    • Hi guys, I really need your help..i just buy LG 360 Cam. And I really excited with this cam I have a problem with video i taken I have no clear 360 video but it has a something like blind spot (but in photo no blind spot like in video) The blindspot i mean there are like black side between camera 1 and camera 2 I tried to upload image but cannot If you have seen the same issue like me or you know about it..I really need your help guys Thank you
    • Guest Jimmie
      I've been having a lot of problems with the Insta360 Pro lately. I just want to see if anyone have experience similar problems and if anyone has ideas how to fix them.  First problem I've been running into is that sometimes the footage will lag or drop frames making it look like people are teleporting. This is before even stitching the video. I don't know why this is happening and I'm still waiting for a reply from Insta360. I've also run into issues when I'm trying to edit the video in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. Audio and Video refuses to sync. I've spent hours with adobe support without finding a solution. They believe the camera shoots at a variable frame rate but Insta360's support tells me different. I've also tried to encode the footage to a constant frame rate and change file format and nothing helps. Sometimes when I'm shooting the camera decides that the memory card is suddenly not fast enough and crashes. I think this problem has to do with overheating but I'm not sure. I'm now shooting to an SSD and that seems to have fixed the issue. Let me know if anyone have had these issues or if they might have a solution for me.
    • Hi all,

      I recently got a Gear 360 and have a little problem with it.
      The action director does not correct the horizon with the gravity sensor at all.
      Is there anything I can do to fix this?

      Any help is much appreciated on this, many of images are tilted, and it is a bummer

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