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All about Amkov 360 cameras, issues and help.


  1. Amkov AMK100S Forum

    AMK-100S is China's action camera with 8Mpix CMOS sensor.

  2. Amkov AMK200S Forum

    AMK-200S 360° Panorama Camera 960P/30fps. Issues and support.


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    • I saw that someone was using an LG 360cam to capture 5.1 panoramic audio, for another 360 camera. Nifty idea.
    • I know this is a late reply, but i thought i'd point out my experience with the camera for anybody who might be interested. I generally don't have any overheating problems.    In 8k, you have the option to record the first 15 minutes with no fan.    I have learned that if you do repeated 15 minute clips in a row, without the fan, it'll overheat.    Recently i recorded a 60 minute video, then 30 minutes later did a 2 hour video.   It didn't give me any issues.
    • The camera refuses to generate folders for footage labelled with the current date and time.   All the folders are labelled as a date in 2012.   After i capture footage, i have to dig around the folders to find what i'm looking for.    This is still true even after updating the firmware at least twice.
    • Trying to get KeyMission 360 App installed on my Mac ... Downloaded both first and second version updates, and when I click the "Welcome" App it says it has installed KeyMission 360 .. but it is no where to be found .. Any ideas??   Tried a half dozen times but there are no apps w. "Nikon" in the name, "KeyMission", etc.. anywhere on the hard drive.  Where the heck did the installer install the App ... or did it??
    •  What is a good mid range 360 degree camera/video to take pictures of a room before and after a renovation so a consumer can it view on Facebook and look around like you can do on some Facebook  pictures with the arrow in the upper corner of the screen and also compatible with iPhone 6. Any suggestions would be  appreciated. Thank you  
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