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All about Amkov 360 cameras, issues and help.


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    AMK-100S is China's action camera with 8Mpix CMOS sensor.

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    AMK-200S 360° Panorama Camera 960P/30fps. Issues and support.


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    • Hello, all ok! i have fouund the probelm - in front of the Pc :-).  The reson was the Mode. I work in the player-mode - not work possible. It changes in the captur-mode!!! all work´s propper!! By
    • When I first go the camera new, these features were broken because the phone (LG G5 then LG V20) connects via Wi-Fi, thus leaving the smartphone with no internet and too stupid to use mobile data.  Eventually an update to Android 7 seemed to remedy this, allowing mobile data to be used for internet while connecting to the R105 via Wi-Fi.  This miracle has since stopped working again, likely due to Android security updates, or something with the R105. Both my R105 and my V20 are up to date with the latest LG 360 Cam Manager app.  How do I restore this functionality?
    • Hello everyone,  I would like to ask for some advice regarding which 360 camera I should buy. I basically need a camera with the longest battery life possible (it will have to be recording video at least during 2 hours), a decent resolution and with the possibility of be mounted on a tripod. I was also wondering if anyone had any idea about the video resolution a camera of this characteristics would have and how big a 2h video file recorded with the mentioned resolution would be.    Thank you very much for the help! A
    • Hi!   I've bought the Gear 360 (2017) becaus I've thougt that it is able to take real HDR-pictures. A real hdr-picture consists on multiple pictures with different exposures (exposure-bracketing). A good cam stores all of these multiple Pictures on the storage. In photoshop these images are combined to a HDR-File ( .hdr or something else ) where all the high dynamic range infos are stored . The cam only stores a dump .jpg file were all the nessesary hdr-information get lost. 1. Is it possible to tell the cam, it should safe this multiple pictures seperately without making the useless result-jpg? A manual control of the cam isn't possible either, or don't?     can you tell me an alternative 360°-Cam- which can make: 1. a real HDR file (safes multiple jpegs or better RAWS, as a common DSLR - cam does? or: 2. is capable for manual controlling so I can the different exposures per hand?   thanks and best regards!   Guenther
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