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    A $1799 Tossable Panoramic Camera

    This time I want to share a review for panoramic camera: Panono - A $1799 Tossable Panoramic Camera. Panono is a nice prosumer bordering on professional 360 camera, but the prohibitive price might be the biggest limiting factor in expanding its market. This tutorial gives out an overall introduction from appearance to functions, and step by step how to use Panono to shoot a 360 photo. Hope this can help!
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    Camera Update (L)

    Thats was for the previous update (i) not the new update (L) (I) was a full update that added features, (L) appears (after a few days use) to be stitching correction and lens exposure balance.
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    Ugg. The black holes are awful. Here's a test video I edited in Premiere. This is 1920 x 962. I also did a grid overlay to understand the sphere. I got no black holes on top or bottom.