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  1. Well I tried this on the Mac and it just does not work. I have the files transferred to my Mac, but I cannot add the file to Pixpro. I guess the Mac version check that the files are indeed from a Pixpro camera
  2. Thanks, I will try the Kodak software, but I wish the Android app would do it out of the box
  3. Panorama XDV360 reviews and test

    You should stay away from this camera until they provide an export of 360 photos and videos to Youtube and Facebook out of the box. It looks like it does a good job, but you can only see the results on your phone, this is very limiting...
  4. Just received my XDV360

    No export of video, regardless of resolution. No live streaming
  5. Well, it's not bad at all (for the price). It looks good, but... - low light is very grainy, use it outdoor only - I have no experience with the iPhone app, but the Android app XDV360 has problems: - a lot of chinese text left untranslated - some lag in the app, but useable - I like the many display mode including gyro support and vr headset - unable to export to Facebook. It looks like it's starting to do it, but it fails and comes right back in the app Can someone help with the export issue as it makes the camera useless (and no, I don't have a PC, just Mac) Thanks...