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  1. May each sun find you well B)

  2. Read/write error

    Should I not be able to plug my gear 360 into my pc (USB cable), using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Card, DCIM folder. Once there delete photos? Every time I try to delete photos I get: cannot delete 360_0019.jpg: The storage is write-protected. Remove the write-protection and try again. Now if I take the micro SD out of the camera and put it into the adapter, shove the adapter directly into my laptop. I can delete through Windows Explorer. This doesn't seem right. I shouldn't have to take the micro sd out of the camera every time I want to delete something. I should be able to leave micro sd in camera and delete through windows explorer. I have tried everything to remove the write protection, registry, (diskpart at the command prompt), clearing read only. Nothing works! Please help. Do I need a particular micro sd card? I'm currently using a Lexar C 10/UHS-1 (64 GIG).