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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to 360 cameras and I got my gear 360 and enjoyed it until yesterday. It works great during the day, but in low light it is absolutely terrible...unless I did something wrong. I recorded part of a concert using the rear lense so my thumb could cover the bright LED as to not disturb anyone. I recorded in 1920x1080 / 30fps and i was so disappointed with the results. It was so grainy and far away it was like I took the video with a cheap flip phone. My flip video recorder (remember those) would have done better. I was so excited to use this thing for something important and almost teared up when I saw the low light results. I should've used my Note 8 instead. Is there something I did wrong or is this something I could expect from this unit during concert lighting. The results also looked farther away than where i was sitting. Is there software that I should be using other than what came with the 360 app. Should I have used both lenses on instead? I'm sorry to vent, but I needed to turn somewhere for some technical help. On a positive note, the sound was really good surprisingly.