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  1. Real HDR Pictures?

    Hi! I've bought the Gear 360 (2017) becaus I've thougt that it is able to take real HDR-pictures. A real hdr-picture consists on multiple pictures with different exposures (exposure-bracketing). A good cam stores all of these multiple Pictures on the storage. In photoshop these images are combined to a HDR-File ( .hdr or something else ) where all the high dynamic range infos are stored . The cam only stores a dump .jpg file were all the nessesary hdr-information get lost. 1. Is it possible to tell the cam, it should safe this multiple pictures seperately without making the useless result-jpg? A manual control of the cam isn't possible either, or don't? can you tell me an alternative 360°-Cam- which can make: 1. a real HDR file (safes multiple jpegs or better RAWS, as a common DSLR - cam does? or: 2. is capable for manual controlling so I can the different exposures per hand? thanks and best regards! Guenther