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    Sports - Scuba Diving - Climbing - BASE Jump - Action Cam - Movie making
  1. It failed

    Hello, Have you tried the classical long battery removal ? Are you able to charge the battery correctly ? Have you tried to start it without battery but with charger ? Have you really no sign of life Did you try to contact Amkov Support ????
  2. Hum, As it's free, there is nothing to say.... but one case, tripod, extension arm and a battery 149 $ !!!!!! it's a joke isn't it ?!!!! Whatever, this camera (not those accessories) looks very interesting
  3. very cheap new cam

    Hi, There is a very cheap cam (less than 65 €) including a "real" display screen AND remote control. I've been surprised by the price ! http://www.banggood.com/360-Panoramic-Mini-Sports-Action-Camera-Outdoor-Video-Camera-With-Remote-Control-VR-1_5inch-Screen-p-1079731.html BUT : - single lens model - 4MP "only" - No waterproof case sold with (and not sure they will be available) i will not buy it but I can share the info here
  4. EleCam 360 sample photos

    Thanks for that share ! What is interesting is that there is NO black hole on the video and just a small artefact at the jonction of the images....
  5. Amk200s share video, photo on facebook

    For what i've read on their website and as a AMK100S user, according to me it's the same process. You've got here in french on my blog ; Picture Video and a synthesis of both process in a picture already posted here :
  6. Amkov Amk200s specs

    lol, i know that the picture is coming from the manufacturer but 800 MP !!!! there is a dot missing : 8 MP those info coming from the same website seems more accurate (you can check them in table format on the website) : Sensor Type 8.0MP CMOS Backend chipset(DSP) CPU SPCA6350M / Manufacturer iCatch Lens Type 7G Lens Focus Fixed Focus Aperture F 2.0 Actual Focal Length f=1.1mm File Format Movie H.264, MOV Video Resolution 1920*960P 30fps Photo JPG ; Image Resolution 3008*1504 View Angle 220° fish-eye lens RF remote control Yes LCD monitor Size 0.96" / Resolution 128*64 Storage media : Internal memory DDR3 1GB, 8MB SPI + External memory Micro SD 8G~32G (C6-C10) (SDHC) Interface : Micro USB, HDMI Dimensions : 60*49.4*32.7mm Weight 104g (with battery) Built-in lithium-ion battery 1500mAh
  7. Amk200s waterpoof housing, case

    For sure it is NOT as the waterproof housing of AMK100S is flat where it should be cambered to match the second lens 'shape
  8. Hum, I've answered it by myself.... What I wanted to do is that ; After testing it was impossible with Symax360 Video Converter and (for now) thru GIMP (even i'm sure that i just need the right expression in mathmap...)... We need 2 things ; an equirectangular picture with a ratio 2:1 ratio with at maximum 6000 x 3000 pixels the Exif XMP data “ProjectionType=equirectangular” How to proceed ? Pictures from AMK100S can be processed by Symax360 Video Converter but to use a picture from a video you have to process it first also with Symax360 Video Converter. Then you can use Exiftool to inject the data “ProjectionType=equirectangular” In french a systhesis on how to manipulate AMK100s data :
  9. Hello, As it is very easy to grab pictures from a video with tools like VLC or Media Player Classic like those one : is there a way to transform them to generate 360 pictures uploadable on Facebook for example ? Freeware are welcome ! best regards
  10. Hi, If you read french you can check my (starting) blog to the following url : https://marsu66.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/monter-en-360/ Step 1 : use Symax360 Video Converter (http://www.amkov.com/Uploads/201606/57553a9db6c0c.zip) to generate a mp4 file in 960p Step 2 : use any software that can cut/merge mp4 files preserving the format 960p (ratio 1:2) such as Avidemux for basic stuff, videopad if you want some transitions/effects or anyone else (freeware to match what you look) Step 3 : generate a new mp4 preserving the 960p resolution Step 4 : if you want to upload it on Facebook, Youtube or that kind of sharing plateform, you need to reinject metadata (see : https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6178631?hl=en) if you just want to play it locally you can use GoPro VR Player Does it help ?
  11. New member

    Hi, I'm a new member. My firstname is Pierre, i'm from France. I've got an Amkov AMK100S...; As an old action cam user, i've been disapointed by the quality (single lens, 1440p) but now i'm trying to discover some new usages. I've "played" with the "rounded" video into standard (2D plane) video mixing it with my Gopro & SJCAM video. Recently after some trial and error, i've been able to do basic videos and reinject metadata with the python script provided by Google.... So I still discover its potential... I'm starting to use it mainly in sports* (Base Jump, scuba diving... ) and I'm here to learn (a lot) from others and share my (very) poor experience For french readers, i've starded a blog where you can find my first tests with it : https://marsu66.wordpress.com/ Cheers Pierre *to discover a sample of my activities (and my twisted brain as i wanted to have a "I Movie" like video without a mac) you can check this self mokery (no 360°) video : From what i will learn here i will try to publish a good one in 360... my previous trials are not very interesting !
  12. Tutorial - Add a Logo to 360° Video

    Hi, thanks a lot for that tutorial !!! I was looking for something like this for a long time but as I would like to do something "a bit different", I'm encountering some issues. What I'm looking for is to use GIMP 2.8 for my "360°" video coming from a to : do the title and transition pages "readable" in the final video fill the black part of my video you're talking near the end of your video as I have a single lens cam (AMK100S) not with someting round but as linear as possible... I've found the effect From : Filters / Distorts / Polar coordonates (by checking / unchecking it you can do polar <=> rectangle conversion) but I'm unable to fit "the right size" and depending on my resing the effect is awfull with black parts in it... Knowing that the final video is a 1920x960 one, is there some rules to calculate the good resizing for : the full page (intro, outro, transition) ? the half black part ? Is someone here feeling comfortable with GIMP manipulation for doing it ? Thanks in advance Pierre