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  1. Manual exposure

    Hi Mauricio. The Gear 360 has no manual exposure mode. It only has auto, with exposure compensation. You can limit the auto iso to 400, but that's probably not low enough to force it to so long exposures for several seconds. You may be better off with a Ricoh Theta S. Best regards, Mic
  2. Kodak 360 4K at the Water Works

    Thanks Mark! So what do you think of the Keymission 360 video quality compared to the SP360 4k dual pro? http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/09/several-new-samples-from-nikon.html Best regards, Mic
  3. The Keymission 360 was officially launched today at Photokina. Here are the specs: f/2 aperture, two 20mp CMOS sensors Video resolution: 3840x2160 @24fps Photo resolution: 23.9 megapixels waterproof to 30m shockproof to 2m freezeproof to 14F Electronic image stabilization (post-capture) In-camera stitching Bluetooth and Wi-Fi replaceable battery $499. Available October 26 in the US. Here is a comparison against the Samsung Gear 360 and Kodak SP360 4k: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/09/4k-360-camera-comparison-nikon.html Best regards, Mic
  4. LG 360 CAM problems connect WiFi

    Hi. I have had no problems connecting with my iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.?? and iOS 10). I also have had no problems connecting with my Samsung S6 (Android 6). On the iPhone, this is what I do: 1. Install 360 Cam Manager. Turn on iPhone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 2. Turn on the 360 Cam. 3. Launch the 360 Cam Manager. Tap on the search button on the upper right corner (looks like magnifying glass). After a little bit, your camera should show up in the search results. Tap on your camera on the search results. 4. When prompted, go to the Wi-Fi setting and select the LG R105_xxxxxx network (xxxxxx is your serial number). 5. For the password, type 00xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the last 6 digits of your serial number. 6. The 360 Cam will connect to your phone, and you'll hear a sound from the 360 Cam. On Android, this is what I do: 1. Install 360 Cam Manager. Turn on the phone's Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 2. Launch the 360 Cam Manager. It will automatically find the 360 Cam, turn it on, and connect to it. I don't have an LG phone, but I think on an LG phone you need the LG Friends app. I hope this helps! Best regards, Mic
  5. Hi Garrett. Congrats on getting the Theta. To transfer the photos and videos from the Theta to your PC, connect the Theta to the PC via a Micro USB to USB cord (included with the Theta). Wait for the PC to install the drivers. After the drivers are installed, turn on the Theta (the LED will change from red to blue). There might be more drivers installed. Afterward, the Theta should be available in your File Explorer as another drive. Best regards, Mic
  6. LG 360 VR Headset

    Hi turnright. The LG 360 VR headset usually has negative reviews. I have not found a single positive review. Best regards, Mic
  7. Disappearing subjects

    Hi Warewulf. That's a relatively common complaint in the Gear 360. If you have PTGui or Autopano, you can use those to stitch and there won't be such a difference in color between the sides. Otherwise, to minimize the color difference, I found it helpful to point the zenith toward the light source. Best regards, Mic
  8. Hi. Did you try downloading the USB driver from the LG website? I dont know if that will work but it might. http://www.lg.com/us/support-product/lg-LGR105 Best regards, Mic
  9. How add text on 360 video?

    Hi Lunadude. You may be interested in this tutorial: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/09/technique-three-ways-to-add-text-to.html
  10. Photo editor

    Hi warwound. Just to clarify, the theta does have vertical orientation sensor. But instead of leveling the stitched image, it preserves the pitch, roll and yaw. When viewed on the theta app or theta360 website, it is leveled. However, other apps usually cannot read that info so it is not leveled. There is a third party app that can bake the vertical correction into the photo so it is always leveled: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/06/preserve-vertical-orientation-in-ricoh_21.html As for the Gear 360, the video is usually leveled but the photos are hit or miss, at least for me. Best regards, Mic
  11. Hi svend. Yes i believe that is correct. Best regards, Mic
  12. v360 in houses

    Hi R. One issue is that the V360 is not fully spherical. To be honest I dont know of any advantage it has over its competitors. Samsung Gear 360 or Ricoh Theta seem like they could be better. What do you think? Best regards, Mic
  13. Hi Neo. I think it's possible but for that to happen, consumers must really want 360 cameras, and the sensors must be high resolution so that they can be cropped for non-360 photos. Apple has been lagging in resolution so I doubt it will be them. Best regards, Mic
  14. New Theta S owner, with some questions . . .

    Hi Daniel and Brian. You might be interested in a software called Pano2VR. It is able to convert equirectangular panorama to cubic faces. Best regards, Mic
  15. Image Stabilizer

    Hi immortalChan. Based on their sample videos I dont think the Vuze has an image stabilizer. I plan to use the smoovie stabilizer if I cant use a tripod. Best regards, Mic