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  1. Samsung Gear 360 battery

    1350mAh is enough for such a small camera, other cheap cams sometimes have even 600mAh, than you have problem for longer videos
  2. Samsung Gear 360 reviews

    Here you have specifications for Gear 360, all in one picture
  3. What can you write about this comparison Sunchip Panorama XDV360 vs. DETU Sphere 800 vs. Chenci360 vs. Eloam SYL-668. Which low-cost sport action cam (price of all is propably under 120$) is the best for you and why? Here is another comparison for 4 cheap 360-degree cameras OKAA 360 vs X360 vs Cube360 vs Amkov AMK100S http://360camerasforums.com/index.php?/topic/53-okaa-360-vs-x360-vs-cube360-vs-amkov-amk100s/ Chenci 360 SYL668 XDV360 DETU 800
  4. Can you write something about Eloam SYL668 360 camera? Do you have any interesting review? Specification 4K/15fps; 1920*1080 60fps;1280*720 120fps