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  1. There is a person working on the Live Stream ability but only works with windows at the moment, he has also managed to control the camera via the PC. Theta have already have a Live Stream model available.
  2. Camera Update (L)

    Thats was for the previous update (i) not the new update (L) (I) was a full update that added features, (L) appears (after a few days use) to be stitching correction and lens exposure balance.
  3. Camera Update (L)

    Dont know how many are aware but there is another "firmware" update. end letter is L, discription reads as "Camera Improvements" so far, stitching looks better on photos but lens balance is still a but off colour wise but has become almost unnoticeable in overcast skies. Not found any new settings.
  4. Image Halfs Not of Equal Quality

    Ive noticed this more recently. one lens seemed brighter with a blue hue, other is normal with a more natural look. As Nodfeedon I try to aim the camera so that the light source is between the 2.
  5. updating 360 cam firmware

    Some people managed it via the phone app. There was a USB driver update for LG bridge just before the last 360 update.
  6. new update

    Mines been fine since the update, does suffer with low light graininess but that was there prior to the update.
  7. Round images

    It's a problem with the software on the iOs, you need to zoom into the picture to view it properly.
  8. Record while charging?

    Anyone know if the 20min limit has been lifted since the update? Cant check on my 360 as my sister has borrowed it for her holidays.
  9. Update and Timepases video Mode

    the new "Timelapse" vid function is great for doing it quickly, still rather use the old feature for the ability to edit single frames.
  10. What specs are the USB's on the PC? USB-C will work on USB2.0+ connections And what phone are you trying to use it on? LG seems to have gone out of their way to make it difficult on some devices unless they meet a particular spec. With Youtube you need to download a Metadata injector from them but ive never managed to get it to fully work, last attempt last night i ended up with a flat video and not 2 circles. lol Edit: It did work. Must have been my computer not showing it right. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AES70Cyij7w
  11. Thats the outoing firmware, there is a new firmware due for release.
  12. Hi, I actually emailed LG about this as I also wanted the ability to make half photospheres, they replied and said that its not a function that they are looking to provide at this time.
  13. Record while charging?

    Seems to be 20mins regardless of card size, but you can just restart it again for another 20mins. I know that 15mins @ 30fps with 5.1 audio is about 2Gb.
  14. Record while charging?

    It can, would need a tripod spacer to make it work as the port is on the bottom. Also there is no way ive seen to make it record for 3 hours continuously in 360 mode as the max is 20 minutes, as fas as i know 180 has no limit.
  15. Hard Travel Case for LG 360

    It's a really nice case, the cut out holds the camera well and the case is sturdy with good clasps.