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  1. Thanx Ricoh, but . . .

    I was going to suggest for the iPhone ThetaS app that there be a way to see bigger thumbnails and for a way to go to the next/previous pic in the album. Before complaining, I went to the app store and found an update. Yup, they've already implemented those ideas. BUT, my impression is that the right arrow seems to take me to the previous picture and the right arrow to Next. Isn't that intuitively backward? Of course, some folk drive on the left side of the road
  2. A friend had an S at a picnic, and I just had to have one. I use it with the Theta S iPhone app and have a few questions -- maybe it's just Operator Error. 1. If I want to email (or text) an image to someone it seems that I can't do it from the iPhone app. Under Share it only lists a couple "social media" sites, which I don't use. It seems that I have to open the iPhone photo app and try to get the right Theta image, and then I can send it. Is there an easier way? 2. Since all shots aren't worth keeping, I'm looking for a way to delete a Theta image from within the Theta app. It seems that I again have to go to the photo app and delete it from there. This is difficult because you may delete the wrong one, since you don't see it in 360. 3. Twice now I unsuccessfully tried to link the Theta to my phone by selecting the wifi spot. The correct wifi is checked on the phone, and the wifi light on the Theta is on steady blue, but the Theta app says that it can't connect, and the settings screen shows offline. I tried stopping & starting from all ends, with no success. Even though the power light is on steady (not flashing indicating low battery), what worked was putting the Theta on the charger until the red light went out. Then it linked right up. Seems like something is inconsistent here. Or am I missing something? TIA Don