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  1. New to 360 cameras/ videos

    I'd point you at the Ricoh, but have a look at this article. https://www.ikream.com/2018/02/5-best-360-camera-iphone-2018-25492
  2. How to capture 360 sound for VR

    I saw that someone was using an LG 360cam to capture 5.1 panoramic audio, for another 360 camera. Nifty idea.
  3. There are WAY too many spam posts on this forum. I am not finding much useful here anymore. Too much noise. I've noticed the change happened after ads were added. Is an admin looking after this forum, or is it abandoned? Please fix.

    Thank you. I know this is a lot of effort on your part.
  5. The latest update of the Adobe creative suite has 360° editing tools built in. Premiere Pro, AfterEffects, and Photoshop have native editing capabilities.

    Thank you. Aggressive spam is a huge problem with forums. I had to rehost/rebuild one because of that. Not fun. Thank you for your hard work. I do not envy your task.

    A year ago, this was great. Lots of users learning and sharing. A couple months ago, I noticed the ads starting, then the spam. Now there's nothing useful going. Guess it is just for making money now. Useless to me.
  8. This forum is attracting a lot of SPAM! PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.
  9. HDR 360 Bracket Pro for Ricoh Theta by Brad Herman This app allows bracketed photos for HDR panoramas. http://www.bradherman.com/home/hdr-360-bracket-pro-for-ricoh-theta-vfx-vr-and-gamedev
  10. Skybox Studio by Mettle

    Did you see that Mettle was bought by Adobe? Expect all their 360 tools to be integrated into the Adobe Creative Suite soon.
  11. Birdycam 360 V.R Gimbal Stabilizer from Varavon

    Interesting. Will it support GoPro and cell phones too? Can be expensive to get a 'one trick pony'.
  12. Very interesting! I'll check it out and share with other 3D image users. Thanks!
  13. The K-Lite codec pack is FREE. Follow the instructions from the LG 360 Cam Viewer application.
  14. Well that is an issue. Not sure on standalone apps for viewing. If I run across one, I'll post it here.
  15. Metadata injection issue

    The K-Lite Codec Mega Pack is FREE, and essential for the desktop app to work. Get it and follow the instructions.
  16. Metadata injection issue

    First, you need to run it though your phone or desktop LG 360 Cam Viewer application, to stitch the video together. Then do your editing and such. You will need to maintain the aspect ratio of 2:1. Video should be something like 2560x1280. After that, inject the metadata. See if you get the same error.
  17. They will play through YouTube just fine.
  18. How to capture 360 sound for VR

    What is the best way to edit this sound and synchronize with the video?
  19. 360 Camera with Zoom

    I haven't seen any. Many video and image displays let you zoom.
  20. Just got a 360fly 4K for Christmas!

    So, how are your second impressions? I'm guessing you've shot some video and stills. Any samples to share?
  21. new update

    Is the update on the phone app, the camera firmware, or desktop application? What are we talking about?
  22. LG R105 Output Format Question

    The first one looks fine on YouTube. A little short, but ok. The second one looks like it was not processed before posting. Did you just copy it out of the camera to your desktop and post?
  23. remove lg 360 cam logo. how?

    I just updated the LG 360 Cam Viewer, and I see the 'logo' option. I get the options for always/ask/never for the logo. I'll choose the 'ask' option, in case I want to add one. Interesting.
  24. LG 360 CAM Contrentric lines

    I have notices these artifacts on some (but not all) of my still images. They don't seem present in video.