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  1. LG 360 CAM Viewer for Windows

    Hi, I am having issues using this program on a brand new windows 10 machine. Says I need to install the K-Lite Codec pack meca from the website. After downloading and installing I still get the same error message. The program will not open photos or video. What can I do now?
  2. EDIT The phone is an S4, not s3. I just got a hold of one of these cameras and really like the idea of it. I updated all I could with the camera its self, restarted both tablet and phone after downloading the app, and have seem to have everything up to date. The S4 will connect to the camera, allow me to make changes to the camera settings, take photos and videos. When I go to preview them or download them I get a screen that says "Cannot download due to the device specifications. Download this file on a computer." What the heck? Where do I go from here? I cannot find any one else that has seemed to this issue...