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  1. Spam

    Posted a topic about this the other day and it was removed almost immediately. Can we please have a discussion about this issue rather than constantly having to read it? If the forum administration are not bothered can you just say so rather than just removing this post. Thanks.
  2. This is a good solution: https://pannellum.org
  3. Production code

    Code is on a small sticker that is lose in the box the camera came in.
  4. I'm not using Samsung Cloud at all and I cannot upload to FB so probably not related. I tried uploading a picture that did work a few weeks ago and no joy. Hmmmm.
  5. If I transfer an image to my iPad and upload to FB it works fine so suggest the meta data is maintained just fine. Bizarre.
  6. Uk s7 edge here as well. Same issue whether from FB app, from Gallery or from Gear360 app. Probably a change in the meta data after last update meaning FB no longer recognises them as 360 images. Cheers Ian
  7. Gear 360 geotagging problem

    Confirmed. Tried this myself yesterday by walking along a track and back. Half the photos have the correct GPS coords from where I switched it all on, at the beginning of the track. When I turned around, I switched phone and camera off and back on. These half of the photos again had the correct coords but for where I turned around. So basically it looks as though the app on the phone either isn't getting updated GPS coords to pass in the shoot request to the camera or it is but simply isn't passing the updated coords. Kind of defeats the point of geotagging. Street view however works perfectly. S7 and Gear360 all with latest software and firmware. Cheers Ian
  8. Hi All, Just had a new firmware update here in the UK (not sure if these roll-out internationally or one region at a time). Updates include: 1. Lock screen controller feature added. 2. Faster View Finder launch. 3. Battery life enhancement for paired smartphone. 4. Bug fixes. (guess this could be anything) So I've gone from C200GLU0APE4 to C200GLU0API1 Cheers Ian
  9. Changing the logo at the bottom

    Works a treat Mark. Nice one.
  10. Hi All, If you need to do this you could do worse than use this little Javascript library. Works well with Gear360 output and works in desktop and mobile browsers. https://pannellum.org/documentation/examples/auto-load/ Lots of examples, good docs etc. Cheers Ian
  11. Ghosting with fast moving objects

    Quick addition to this. YouTube upload will compress the video so playback from YouTube will show picture breakup in fast moving areas.
  12. Quads & wifi interference

    Sounds like you are on a good track here. For control I have the Samsung Bluetooth remote and instead of messing with trying to pair to the camera from Arduino etc. how about using one and simply connecting into the push button? Simple control from your Tx then on a spare channel. As for mounting I also looked at pole mounting above which would work fine but view below blocked by craft. Pole out front would also work but would shift centre of gravity a bit too much for my liking even though the APM system is very good at dealing with it you just use a little more power. Suspended below would be best, on a solid pole but as you say landing would need some form of retraction to protect it. I've a spare set of retractable undercarriage so mounting one to lower the pole while retracting the landing legs would work. I'm thinking it's a little bit of work to get working for stills on command and mounted but certainly doable. There again my hex is very well sorted and I'm loathed to mess with it. An interesting couple of drones I've been keeping my eye on and may invest in and would also work for the Gear360 are the Fotokite and Sprite. http://fotokite.com and http://www.ascentaerosystems.com/sprite/ Cheers Ian
  13. Stick it on a selfie stick and hold it above the car through the sunroof if you have one, worked for me I've a big stack of GoPro mounts so I'll use them most of the time with a tripod adaptor to mount the camera. However, I've found the camera really need to be away from the subject if at all possible to improve the effect. Just not sure hard mounting a 1m pole to the car is such a good idea. https://youtu.be/cf390t_WI0c
  14. Quads & wifi interference

    I'm using a FrSky X8R Rx with a Taranis Tx on my APM based hex with no detectable issues during a ground test while paired to my phone (Rx/Tx is 2.4GHz). However, the Taranis and X8R combo is known to be very good with interference due to channel shifting. My FPV rig however has bad interference on the signal (that's a 5.8GHz and 25mw Tx). Turning off the phone connection clears this instantly. That's not an exhaustive test but defo puts out signal in the 5.8GHz area and "might" also do so in the 2.4GHz band just I couldn't see any effect on control signal strength. Because of this, I've decided not to have the pairing active in flight and just switch on and off before and after flight manually on the camera itself. At least we don't need to mess with a camera gimbal right If you do try it with an active WifI Direct/BLE connection please report back what range you get for camera control, I doubt it is far enough to be useful anyway. If your flight controller allows it, have it return to you and land should it loose control connection with the Tx. That's not a bad idea anyway to prevent some forms of fly-away but if pushing 2.4GHz/5.8GHz signals about you would be wise to have a safety net. What plans do you have in mounting it? On the body of the quad or are you planning on pole mounting? Cheers Ian
  15. Gear 360 Camera reversed

    You can switch which camera is used for a 180 shot, that's not an issue for me. But the camera that is used in the centre of a 360 shot or video is the rear camera on my Gear360 as well. I just remember to orient the camera if this is going to be an issue with the end shot. Weird and probably just a software issue.