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  1. Underwater filming

    The underwater setting just changes some settings like colors etc. You dont need the flat lenses, if you do not dive to deep. I started playing around with plastic globes, to put in the camera for underwater filming. Since the camera is waterproof, it isnt a big problem, if it is flooded but with a plastic globe around it, you do not have the problem wit the stitching you normaly face underwater.
  2. Nikon KeyMission 360 sample photos

    In a different forum someone posted this link to a sample picture taken with the keymission 360. Sadly even thos pic only has 10MP. I used it as a comparisson to the Samsung Gear 360. I think the keymission pic is better, than what I would expect from the Samsung in the same situation, what do you think? Still it is sad, that Nikon is not able to present some full resolution sample videos and pictures (only those lousy Youtube videos, that are cut like an actioncamera, not a 360 camera).
  3. Hi, I have two XDV 360 cameras, which i use for 360 filming to watch on smartphone with VR. I wanted to write down my current Workflow, so maybe some of you will have to try out everything by yourself and maybe someone has some Tips for improving the workflow (e.g. use different resolutions or render software). I followed the advice from the youtube video (which you can find in this forum). 1. Use Kodak PixPro SP360 4K software to save the files (this software often crashes after one video was saved. Does someone have an idea why and how to prefent this from happening?) 2. Use Kodak PixPro 360 Stitch to combine the two videos (Does someone has a tip how to better stitch the videos, espesially if the cameras are moving?) Export with max. resolution (3840x1920). 3. Import the file and render with 3840x2160. I do this, because the files coming from Kodak Stitch are only displayed on the VR, if I select 1920x920 as resolution, which seems to be very low. Does someone have any ideas how to improve the quality of the rendered movie? What do you think is the best Video resolution to record? Thanks and have fun