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  1. DETU F4 Specs

    DETU F4 has professional technical parameters Specifications Shooting angle 360° x 360° Panoramic video U8K 7680 x 3840 24fps / 4K 3840 x 1920 60fps Video format MOV / MP4 Encoding format H.264 Memory card TFcard 128 GB x 4 Battery 7.2V x 5400mAh Recording duration U8K 180 minutes Remote control Bluetooth 4.0 Size 155 mm x 75 mm x 75 mm Weight 670 g detu.com
  2. Automatic HDR

    Automatic HDR synthesis High speed-shooting of images with 3 exposure grades of high, middle and low. Automatic jointing of HDR panorama photos with rich shades of grey, so details will be more perfect. Is is good option?
  3. Deplay is app for Detu F4. Panorama Player supports panorama video playback, which is compatible with Windows version.
  4. Destitch is app for Detu F4. Panorama stitching software, which is compatible with Windows.
  5. Delive is app for Detu F4. Panoramic video broadcast software, which is compatible with windows 7 and abov.
  6. The higest technology in 360-degree cameras. With integration of speed processor and live broadcast plug flow software, it can realize visual live broadcast, real time jointing and real-time push to the cloude. Detu F4 supports 4k video livestreaming broadcast. Process of live broadcast detu.com