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  1. LG360 with Playstation VR

    Hello Everyone, I recently purchased a play station VR. I'm able to play the video on the PS4 VR headset but the quality is terrible. I use Mp4 format at 1080p/30fps/with mp4 audio. Quality is much higher in the LG viewer Any suggestions?
  2. For some reason when viewing videos on my Android using the LG viewing app the VR format was bad. It was just two big squares. When I use Gopro Vr view for android it renders it in a way that works perfectly with my VR headset (generic Google cardboard-like headset). Another big plus is you can just download the movie to the Gorpro VR view director and view the video without being connected to the LG360 camera.
  3. Please share how you mounted and experience/recommendations
  4. I bought this Camera back in August. I've been able to get it to work but it's very inconsistent. Below are some problems I've had: 1) Unit often needs to be reset and powered off and on multiple times before working alone (with no smart phone) 2) Connecting unit to phone is very terdious. I usually have to disconnect and reconnect to the phone 10+ times 3) There hasn't been a single firmware update since the release since I"m aware 4) Many users report 2gb limit and then lock 5) When unit locks up all video and audio is gone With that said I have been able to take 4-5 minute 1gb videos and edit them. The inconsistent performance is what concerns me. IF they could fix with firmware I'd give it highmarks.