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  1. Sound but no image

    How many Watts does your power supply have?
  2. Hello

    Did you shoot any videos you can show us via link in youtube?
  3. This is sweet, next step we need 360 3d right?
  4. This video is very good from actual aeroplane. But it would be better if it was mounted outside so we do not get so much glare. Also why is your title in caps?
  5. How to transform a spherical video

    I heard people use Batch Builder and Batch Stitcher in PTGui Pro
  6. Latest Firmware Problem

    I would try to update firmware using pc. You need to install some driver and then try this: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/SM-C200NZWAXAR
  7. Weight of materials

    What kind of question is this? You are asking for physical weight??? I am confused.
  8. Starting problem

    Have you changed any settings? initial password is 12345678. Have you tried to use "Reset settings" option in "General Settings"? Here is a doc: https://kodakpixpro.com/docs/manuals/actioncamera/sp360/sp360-manual-en.pdf
  9. Fisheye images

    I think you need to download the video using the 360 Cam application and decide from there to what format to convert.
  10. This looks pretty good, maybe you can use 3d printer to make it in small quantities.
  11. By looking on the internet I see some people not really happy with this product even if it works. mostly related to quality and how unstable video are due to the fact that are recorded when holding it in hand. Also in kickstarted it was advertised to cost around $250, but I see it now for $499. That is quite a difference. Can you confirm about quality of videos? Is it really that bad?
  12. Wifi Connection drop outs

    Andrew, What are your settings for wifi? I would install on the phone app called Wifi analyzer (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer&hl=en) and see if your connection strength is good near your camera. I would try to disable 2.4 GHz on your access point as a second step and rely only on 5GHz.
  13. TF card problem

    I had a problem like that with Samsung device and I had to format it using device itself in settings. Try something like that, or test different format options on the computer. What are the specs of your card? Give us a link.
  14. What installation of Action Director do you have? I think version on PC works fine, but the one from via fra.me does not and gives me black screen stitch.