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  1. What's wrong with this thread?!?
  2. This smartphone can take squared pictures with both cameras, and it also has an option to shoot pictures with both cameras ("dual camera" option) at same time, and save them to a single image file. So I would like to mount a couple of 180° fisheye lenses on both cameras to figure out if I can take a spherical image in one shot, as this would cost 20$ rather than 200$. But then I would need a proper SW to get the two circular images and "turn" them into a spherical image viewable by cardboard or XDV360 SW. Any suggestion?
  3. Anethic XDV360 Help needed!

    I have another problem: I think XDV360 app is made for 200° or 220° images, as the images I take with my Panoview 360 appear vertically squeezed. How can I adjust the app? (or the pictures).
  4. Which SW?

    Manually mounting a 235° ficheye lens on the phone leads to a non-square and non-centered "bubble image". Which software do I need to manually define the center of the picture and to properly reproject a non-square picture?
  5. very cheap new cam

    It's cheap because it has a poor field of view and ppor resolution: - just 190°, so barely below horizon (5°); best cameras arrive to 238° (=29° below horizon, or 5cm around the camera resting on the floor). - 4MP are very low resolution for a 360 camera: when you look at the rectangular reprojected small region of the image, you look at a 1/3 resolution image! Being 4MP just 2k horizontal lines, you get less than a 720lines picture. For a 1080 picture you need at least 16M.
  6. Panorama XDV360 reviews and test

    before some answers, then some questions :-) 1) To download all pictures to PC in one run: a) download all your pics to phone memory b ) move them to a PC-visible folder using android builtin filemanager c) connect via USB to PC and copy while folder 2)To convert&save to exportable formats (=projected), use Windows app, not phone app. 3) The app does not need gyro&compass as it can use touch to change heading of image. 4) To prevent WiFi disconnection try disabling "smart" Wifi, which automatically connects to strongest network, and also try disabling phone autoconnection to your router. 5) Firmware on my panoview camera allows multiple selection for both copy and delete. That said, now the questions: I purchased a 235° fisheye add-on lens for my phone; being used on a phone, it produces rectangular rather than square pictures, and of course the circle is not exactly ceneterd on the screen, as I position the lens on the phone manually; so I'd need a "special" SW which allows manually selecting the center of the "bubble photo" before reprojecting, any suggestion?