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  1. Logo on the buttom

    My gawd! The spam is atrocious and getting worse every hour. For those who really want to change the logo at the bottom of 360° pictures, use this link: https://nadirpatch.com/patch2sphere/
  2. Editing Files Together

    I use a program called VideoReDo to combine files and edit out sections. It's not free, but it's not very expensive. The resulting video has to be injected.
  3. LG 360 CAM Viewer for Windows

    Try installing BlueStacks. Once it's installed and running on your PC, it will act just like an Android phone.
  4. Anybody's got tips on editing workflow?

    If you view a picture using Google Photos you can click on the Information icon (the letter i inside a circle) a panel will slide over giving you the date and time of the picture, the filename, the name of the camera and the exposure settings and the picture location (if available). There is also a place where you can type in a description which you could use to place your notes if you wish.