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  1. Which drone or quadcopter is best option for 360 aerial photos and videos? 3dr Solo dedicated for Kodak PixPro SP360-4K, but not only Exo 360 bult-in 360 camera Yuneec Typhoon H multicopter good for mount most of small 360 cameras What do you think about this comparison?
  2. I don't want to buy 360 camera. I have gopro camera so I think about good fisheye lenses. I decided to buy Entaniya 250° lens. Specifications: Focal Length: 1.38mm Aperture Ratio: f/2.8 Optics: 11 Elements, Glass Lens: ED x 1, SHR x 2 Image Circle (H x V): 5.5mm (250°×250°- 1/2.3″ GoPro Sensor: H 250° x V 195° Weight: 98g Bundled Items: CS Mount Adapter, IR Cut Filter, Allen Wrench, Bolts What do you think about it, it is good choice?