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Found 1 result

  1. I picked up my Theta-S about a year ago after I saw someone posting images from one on Facebook and I was impressed with the IQ. However, mine seemed to be very inconsistent with IQ, and video was terrible. Even in bright conditions there was poor IQ with some areas clearly out of focus. I ended up sending the camera in to the Canadian repair depot, and after a long wait I contacted them and they said that because there was no parts for it Ricoh was sending me a new one. A few weeks later I got my new one, and I'd say on average the IQ is better, but still not what I thought it should be. I also did a short video and again, video quality is terrible. Just want to know if the rest of you are getting better results than I have been. The video I shot with my first camera is here: The video from the new camera is here: My public stills gallery is here: https://theta360.com/users/203028 - any images dated 2017 (oldest 4 images) are with the old camera, any recent ones are with the new replacement camera. What do you folks think, did I get another dud camera? Thanks in advance.