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    1. 1. What is the best cheap 360-degree camera?

      • Cube 360
      • OKAA 360
      • Amkov AMK100S
      • Chenci 360
      • Elephone EleCam 360
      • Shuoying PDV3600
      • Panorama XDV360
      • X360
      • DETU Sphere 800
      • Others

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    i think is the best to increase you r budget in order to get a good   quality of the footage .


    I agree.  I was lucky and found an LG 360 for $150.  For quality, it just barely makes the cut, IMHO.  The poll contains quite a few options, but I would be surprised if any of them would be worth saving $50-$100.  At least with Kodak, LG, Samsung, etc. you're going to get a decent (take that with a grain of salt) level of support and compatibility.  I'm using a combination of LG and Samsung equipment and I'm surprised at the lack of information out there, workflows, software support, file manipulation, etc.  I can only imagine what this would be reduced to when switching to a 'knock off' brand cheaper alternative.


    Disclaimer: I've not personally used any of the mentioned cameras in the poll, so one could be 'pleasantly surprised' by a diamond in the rough   :D

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    danp142    0

    I don't think there are any *good* budget 360 cameras out there at the moment. It's a new technology and even the big players like Samsung are only now creating consumer level hardware. All of those cameras are going to have awful quality imagery, so what's the point?

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    For a limited budget, the best one right now is probably the LG 360 Cam.  It's $199 but you can buy a used one on eBay for less than $150. 


    The insta360 Nano might be another affordable one.  No one knows the price yet, but a rep told me they are planning to sell it less than $200.


    Oh another candidate could be a Theta m15.  A used one might be $200 or less.


    Best regards,


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