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fast Don

Panorama XDV360 reviews and test

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just got the camera... nice clean and compact... found an awesome Asian dude on youtube helped finger out what to use for software... Kodak is easy and tedious... took 2 installs the repair did nothing ... quick click and set of initial view for upload to FB ... software exports first time to mp4 interactive and then you go into your facebook and upload video...

most hassles are over come just want to know how fast the camera will write to micro sd do I really need to go out and buy a 80M/s write Samsung mirco sd or will the Lexar 300x's 24 M/sec turn out good video

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jumpjack    0

before some answers, then some questions :-)


1) To download all pictures to PC in one run:

a) download all your pics to phone memory

b ) move them to a PC-visible folder using android builtin filemanager

c) connect via USB to PC and copy while folder


2)To convert&save to exportable formats (=projected), use Windows app, not phone app.


3) The app does not need gyro&compass as it can use touch to change heading of image.


4) To prevent WiFi disconnection try disabling "smart" Wifi, which automatically connects to strongest network, and also try disabling phone autoconnection to your router.


5) Firmware on my panoview camera allows multiple selection for both copy and delete.


That said, now the questions:


I purchased a 235° fisheye add-on lens for my phone; being used on a phone, it produces rectangular rather than square pictures, and of course the circle is not exactly ceneterd on the screen, as I position the lens on the phone manually; so I'd need a "special" SW which allows manually selecting the center of the "bubble photo" before reprojecting, any suggestion?

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Guest Michel   
Guest Michel

I've been hacking this camera here.

The XDV app sucks and makes potato quality footage. Makes a good player though if you're using the PC version. Forget about photo quality at the moment. 1440x1440 and 2xxx by 2xxx videos are OK after modification. Turned upwards you get so much sky and lose 90% of your best pixels to it. Most of the action is relegated to the edges of the lens/sensor where there is wavy distortion. Still... much better than paying multiple 100s of dollars for a "real" camera.


To Gamut


I am trying to bypass the XDV app and directly access RTSP stream to get pictures on my PC.


Do you know what are the login details/ rtps address for the camera AT-360a from AUSEK?


Thanks a lot!

gr Michel

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Guest Sam Flyboy   
Guest Sam Flyboy

Does anyone know HOW to use the sports XDV 360 software? The panaramic camera instructions are almost undecipherable. There even to be no instructions for the software. I got it to connect my phone to my comer, but no idea ho to get it to strut stop or display.


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