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Stitching problems because of the EIS, any help?

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Hi, I´m editing my first video recorded with the Kodak SP360. I already stitched some footage using Pixpro 360 Stich, but I had this problem with some other clips. When importing them to PixPro SP360, it shows me a message saying that it´s not possible to stitch the clips correctly, because the cameras recorded with the EIS ON option activated. Any chance to fix these clips? Any other software I can try to solve this problem? I already tried to use the calibrate options in PixPro, but I didn´t get to fix the stitching.

Thanks a lot.

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    • By Mcanjo
      Hi, I'm a new user of 360 cameras, and of this forum. First of all, thank you for your attention.
      You see, every time I take a "tiny planet" video, the image comes up right, but when I try to take a 360 picture and edit it into a tiny planet, two black blades appear right under the base of the camera. I thought it was the camera's tripod, as I have a Samsung Gear (2016), but I think it's a stitching error.
      Can anyone please help me?
      P.D.: I'm linking one of my best pictures for the moment, to show the BLACK BLADES that spoil the fun. The forum won't let me upload an HD pic, so I'll emulate it in paint.There is an error in uploading images, so you will have to imagine the blades.
    • By kalvinche
      A few days ago my gear 360 fell to the floor. After this, it was working well, there wasn't any problems with its functions, but today it looks like one lens is damaged. If I connect it to the app, it shows the half of the canvas black. Here I put the the images, so you can see the problem.
      Do you know any way to fix this problem?  Please! 

    • By larryg951
      When I bring video from Gear 360 2017 version into Action Director the result is always a black screen with two lines (one vertical; one horizontal). Does anyone know what is causing this?

    • By lseltzer
      Just got the new 2017 model from Korea. So far, it's very cool! BUT, if there's an 'active' scene along the stitching lines of the two lenses, the entire video seems to..pulse or jump up and down. It's very distracting. I've turned off all hardware acceleration in the Gear 360 Action Director software, but...no good...same jumpy result. Other tests with less activity jumps, but less. I'm recording at the highest settings, though. 
      Here's a sample:  https://youtu.be/GiJu46_12No
      That's a video taken in the middle of an orchestra during a concert we had last Sat. night. The resolution is good, but the videos are all jumpy like this. The unstitched versions do not jump, but once it's stitched together, it's jumpy.
      Is there a setting? Placement?
      One issue on that stage:  back camera has a lot of bright lights glaring into the lens, but the front camera is darker. Maybe that's it?
    • By richard
      How works stitching in Theta SC, is it better than in Theta S?