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Hello from Lakewood Colorado

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Hey guys new here just wanted to say hi and tell a bit about myself


I have been working with drones for a while and wanted to do something new so now  doing 360 photo and video stuff check out some of my work here 


I am using the Nikon Keymission 360 any tips for photoshopping or premier editing with this camera could help thanks

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    • By avidayal91
      I am using samsung 360 to record timelapse of sunrise but I am trying to turning it into hyperlapse, by increasing clip speed so it looks faster on the video. I dont find this option in cyberlink action director provided with samsung 360 cam.
      I tried using camtasia and adbe premier. but the output file after render is not working as 360 video on Facebook.
      I am looking for help so I can make sunrise / sunset hyperlepses in 360
    • By the360guy
      I think I must have been one of the first people to get a gear 360. I've had it since May and have loved using it. It's by no means perfect but can still take some awesome footage. Here is a selection of my best videos shot with the gear 360. There  is a mix of indoor/outdoor and time lapse footage. 
      On a bike in Poland 

      I attached my gear 360 to a bike and drove with a buddy around northern Poland. This is probably my favorite video so far. 
      Brighton Beach

      Really good lighting conditions in this video. I just left the camera stuck in the pebbles at the beach. 
      Canary Wharf

      Some time-lapse footage in this one.
      Churchill War Museum

      I was asked by a London museum to come and take some 360 footage of their exhibits. I made this video using a combination of 360 video and images. 
      Some more on my channel if you're interested. I use Sony Vegas/After Effects for editing but only really to trim and add text. I've found youtube compresses 360 video much more than facebook (so it looks much better on facebook).