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I have the same problem
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Image Halfs Not of Equal Quality

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#1 nodeedon



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    Posted 24 January 2017 - 03:27 PM

    Hi to everyone,


    Not long had the LG360 and the first job was to update to the latest version - R10510k. No problems doing that but as another forum member ( sirluchalot ) has noted there is a difference in exposure or white balance between the two halves of a photo. Also the halves are out of alignment - that is one half is slightly higher than the other resulting in a 'ridge or step'.


    Perhaps the next update will improve the above niggles but it's something that I can live with as the camera is just a fun supplement to my scooter and helmet cam ride outs. Its practical design and excellent lens cover is great.


    Cheers - Don

    #2 Guest_Heath Himself_*

    Guest_Heath Himself_*
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    Posted 28 February 2017 - 08:49 AM

    So I just got a replacement camera for my first one because it fell on its face and got a chipped lens (thanks wind), and I immediately installed the update to it ... tried to install some Invisible Shields to it to protect the lenses ... but it wasn't working. It was picking up the plastic like a big dark halo. So I took it off, but then I realized ... exactly what you're saying. The color balance wasn't the same between the two cameras, one was whiter and brighter than the other, and you get this bit, drastic, static seam in preview that... doesn't really clean up at all after being stitched. I don't remember this being an issue on my last camera before the fall, and I was pretty certain I had it updated. In fact, I have some pictures here ...

    This is the last picture my old camera took before it was blown over, and the second one is one I took in my kitchen, upon realizing the new one's color and white balance was way off. What the heck? Is this really due to the update? Or are some cameras taking the update poorer than others? Is there a way for me to uninstall the update, like ... reset to factory default, and try again?



    #3 Guest_nodfeedon_*

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    Posted 01 March 2017 - 08:14 AM

    Yes, your old camera took a better image than the new one.

    In my case I returned one camera only to find the same issue on the replacement. It is running the latest update R10510k so the problem may be due to that update as it was on both cameras. Having looked around a few LG 360 forums the problem seems widespread. So fingers crossed that the next update will have solved the issue.

    In the instructions supplied it says that the camera can be 'reset to factory' but I am not sure that a firmware update can be uninstalled. Perhaps someone here can answer that question?

    Connect your phone to the camera and go to 'Settings - About 360 Cam - Software Version' which should be R10510k.

    As an idea I am going to try aiming the EDGE of the camera at the MAIN LIGHT SOURCE to try to balance the image halves more. I tried it indoors and it seems to help but as I mostly shoot outdoor scenic views I will have to let you know what happens. Not a cure but a help hopefully.

    It seems that with this new technology we have to try different approaches

    Cheers - Don

    #4 Cymro



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      Posted 05 March 2017 - 03:12 PM

      Ive noticed this more recently. 


      one lens seemed brighter with a blue hue, other is normal with a more natural look. 


      As Nodfeedon I try to aim the camera so that the light source is between the 2. 

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