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Guest Andy

Unable to activate HD for 360 videos in the Facebook app

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Guest Andy

Hi everyone,


I've been trying to figure out why I'm not able to activate HD in the Facebook app for my 360 videos filmed with LG 360 Cam.


This is an issue since it means the videos are played back in low resolution. On a desktop browser, however, I'm able to choose resolutions up to 1440p. In the FB app, when I enable the playback controls while playing a video, there's an option to activate HD. However, when I select it the video pauses and when I try to play it again, nothing happens.


I don't have this issue with sample videos posted on the official Facebook page for the LG 360 Cam. Whenever I activate HD in these videos, it loads for maybe a second and then continues to play with a noticeably higher resolution.


The videos I've uploaded have been downloaded from the camera to my phone via the official LG app, without any editing. Both the LG app, firmware and Android Facebook app are up-to-date as far as I can tell.


Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.



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