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Guest Sue

LG 360 Cam Upload 360 Video on YouTube

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Guest Randall   
Guest Randall

Hi all,


So I took some 360 video with the LG 360 came, brought those clips into VSDC a free video editor and got a free piece of music to go on top. Export it as a .mp4 and try to inject the metadata with googles tool for 360. But get this error when trying to inject the metadata: "Error: failed to read MP4 audio decoder specific config."


Here is the video not in 360: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psP5JxXqeks


Has anyone else seen this problem?





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So there are two ways to upload the video to YouTube (Before and after stitching) I would suggest stitching before uploading, and not let YouTube do the stitching cause you could do all the work and then the video sucks.


YouTube stitching video that I uploaded directly



Video stitching before YouTube upload, using the LG 360 software



As you can tell YouTube does a crappy job at stitching as shown in the first video.

The second video I used the LG 360 software and render the video and it automatically adds the metadata to the video.

The LG 360 will create a second video of the original and change the file name to "Result-#######.mp4"



I take it that you have an YouTube about?

Just like any other normal video you just upload it, YouTube will recognize the video as being 360 from the metadata.

Then your done. It will take about anywhere between 30mins to an 1hour for the video to be process and posted onto your channel.




How to upload video to YouTube

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Guest SunBuggyScotty   
Guest SunBuggyScotty

I'm on Ubuntu Linux 16.04.  I tried plugging my LG360 into my PC via USB and dragging the files to the hard drive, and then uploading to youtube via chrome browser.... I got 2 spheres with the line in the image and the black triangles where they meet. Like so:



I then instead downloade the vieo from the LG360 cam to my android device via the LG360 cam app, and then right from the LG cam app hit share and selected youtube.  this video comes out correctly like so:



does anyone know of any video editing software for Linux that would allow me to chop and edit 360 videos together and render with the proper resolution and flags?  I would like to put sever segments into one video but so far when I try with openshot video editor it won't export the right format, and then it's not recognized as a 360 video... like so:


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