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Facebook uploads are up side down

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My 360 photos are showing up side down on Facebook. My other ones are fine. I have tried stripping the data and also rotating 180 deg with thexifer.net and later with Corel Draw but nothing works. The option to rotate photos on Facebook doesn't show up on these photos.

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John, I'm having the same issue.  My old Samsung Galaxy S3 isn't compatible with the app to control the camera and stitch the photos plus the app won't work on ANY tablet, even my Galaxy S7.  The phones have to be an S6 or newer :-( .  It's very frustrating that Samsung would do this.


OK, that said, what I have been able to do is pull the stitched *.jpg photo into MS Paint and flip the photo there and save it..  However what I discovered after doing that the photo was right side up but now reversed.  :-(  Soooo when you pull it into Paint you need to flip it both Vertical AND Horizontal.  That seems to somewhat work but still doesn't appear like to looks inside of Action Director.  The image appears slanted in areas when being rotated around.  After investing over $300 in this camera and accessories it irritates the hell out of me that now I have to spend $500 - $700 for a new phone to be able to use it.  Action Director is pretty much only good for working with videos.  If you pull a .jpg file from your camera directly into Action Director to view it that 'AD' automatically creates a stitched file and hides in another directory?  Those are the files I'm trying to pull into Facebook.

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I spotted a reply on another post that may provide the solution to our upside down problem.

  1. In Action Director click on the little gear icon in the top drop down menu items
  2. Select Editing
  3. Make sure the little box is checked that is in front of " Automatically remove wobbles and instability during stitching so the vertical orientation remains the same"
  4. Click on ' OK '

After I did that I don't seem to be having any more problems with my photos.  Now I just need to learn how to edit the photos, and when, to change brightness, contrast etc.


Hope this helps.

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