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Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360 camera reviews

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-The camera is quite compact and has excellent build quality, the perimeter is black aluminium which dissipates heat quite well.

-Comes with a neat tripod which doubles as a handle 

-Photos are great quality and resolution (there is some purple fringing however)

-The 3.5K video quality is very good compared to competitors 4K especially in low light

-There are many manual controls EV, ISO, Shutter Speed (shutter speed 1-8 sec on iOS, 1-32 secs on Android)  



-As an english speaker be aware that the manual is only written in Chinese and the iOS app is about 75% english (I used Google Translate App on iPhone to translate).

-The iOS app needs to be improved as there is reduced video output resolution vs Android.

-There is no video editor for the iOS app, however once video is saved to Camera Roll you can edit it there.

-Needs a timer for photos in standalone mode as fingers get in the way when pressing

-Transfer speed of photos/videos from camera to phone could be improved

-Doesn\'t have livestreaming functionality

-I can't seem to get the continuous recording feature to work

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What do you think about new 360 camera from Xiaomi? If Xiaomi Mija will be so good as Xiaomi Yi 4k, will be great.



Check out www.360rumors.com for multiple articles on this Camera, Mic the author has done a great job of covering the features and posting example videos

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