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Hello, i am using a camera (Blurfix 360) it has two lenses and take two videos from front and back.

The videos are shown side by side but i cant figure out what programs are compatible for stitching. 

im not even sure what to look up since there are so many types.


i took a snapshot to show what i mean.


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      1) When I try to film video after 4 seconds the camera stops recording.
      2) The firmware update is downloaded to the camera, it restarts then an error pops up on the screen of the camera with an SD Card Icon plus an exclamation mark.
      Why am I having such problems? My smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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      I've got no issue editing, stiching etc in premiere, aftereffects, mettle and all that stuff.  But... it's when I need to review images on my Gear 360 that I go crazy.
      Imagine you take 10 pictures of the same thing, but with a little difference, in exposure, placement, etc.  And you want to choose the best one.  
      I'M possibly stupid but I haven't found an app where I can easilly compare them WITH THE FILENAME visible so I can take notes.  Also, I would soooo much love to be able to filter by pictures and videos instead of having everything in the same place.  At the moment, all I've found usefull touse is samsung internet app in Gear 360 (on samsung S7)
      That would be awesome...
    • By Daviator
      I have about 40 minutes of video (second highest resolution) from my Gear 360. If I try and use the phone (S7) to stitch, it will take upwards of 12 hours after all of the crashing and overheating. If I use the Action Director software it takes 4-6 hours to stitch (after the raw video files have been copied locally).

      Also I could not record at the max resolution as the camera would overheat and shut down. Has Samsung ever addressed this publicly? 
      I have experienced the following: 
      Camera shut down for no reason (suspect overheating issue) after approx. 20 minutes while test recording in my moving car.   App crashes often when: Attempting to connect to live view Stitching videos  Randomly Phone app extremely slow to stitch on new S7 - 12+ hours to stitch 40 minutes of video after crashes and restarts. Action Director slow: 4-6 hours to stitch 40 minutes of video Action Director puts black blob in center of videos it stitches. (Cyberlink provided a fix but then I had to start all over for another 4 hours)
        Is this typical for the Gear 360? How about other 360 cameras?
      Samsung has offered to "repair" the camera but from what I've seen the camera, phone app and even Action Director is one big ball of design flaws.

      I'm also leery of sending the camera in as Samsung "Support" is absolutely dismal. They ignore email and Facebook contact and their chat and phone support reps are totally incompetent. I have also read many accounts of their repair depots losing and damaging items as well as taking months to return items.

      Should I just return this thing and look at the LG360 or Ricoh Thetas?