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Youtube Streaming with YI 360 VR

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Dear all,

how can I make a youtube livestreaming with the YI 360 VR with a self designed thumbnail and with dissabled comments? If I send the stream directly with the YI 360 app from the smartphone I cannot find an opportunity to define this before the streaming.


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    • By Vanes
      Does anybody know how to use "Insta360 Air" as webcam with monoscopic picture in OBS? I tried to search for info but no result.  There's 2 circles in attached image (webcam's view).  How can I transform this from stereoscopic to monoscopic (look below)?

    • By Robpriceincali
      Been playing around with the gear360 for a couple of weeks at the highest resolution. When I upload the videos to social media, they look terrible. Am I doing something wrong? should I lower the resolution? If I do that it affects quality in GEAR VR. Is there a way to upload HIGH res or tamp it down before uploading to YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK so my RAW file is highest quality?
    • By Balance

      YI Technology announced the YI 360 VR consumer-level live VR camera. The new model is capable of capturing 360-degree spheric video footage at 5.7K resolution and 30 frames per second. It also offers 4K instant in-device stitching and 2.5K live-streaming. The camera weighs only six ounces and can be controlled via basic on-device controls or a mobile app. It uses a pair of 220-degree lenses and 12MP Sony IMX377 CMOS sensors to record video footage or 5.7K 360-degree still images.
      Product information Product specifications Pre-order Press Release Sample Video This topic is meant for general discussion and sharing experiences with the YI 360 VR.
    • By xiansam
      First off, I joined this forum before I noticed that topics had hundreds of views but very few replies.  **sigh** I may be wasting my breath here but here goes...
      I design and build AV systems and most recently streaming video platforms for permanent installation.  A client wants to do VR streaming, VOD, etc. I said sure.  Typically, we take multiple cameras into a HDMI or SDI switch then combine the audio in a streaming "bridge" device which offers up an RSTP feed for a streaming engine.  In my case, Wowza.  I've been looking at all kinds of cameras, stitching software, and the like, but I haven't found a really good camera that can be mounted at about 36" high and doesn't look like an alien space ship.  The one I did find was the Orah I4.  The camera looks great and has a built in stitcher as well as a server that delivers an RSTP feed natively.  That's great but it has limited ability to input audio via 1/8 stereo mini and I can't "live view" content due to lack of HDMI port.  My best candidate so far is:   https://www.liveplanet.net
      The camera isn't out yet and cost $10,000.  Money isn't an issue for my client but the price made me choke a bit.  Anyone have experience with a camera that will output 4k video via HDMI or SDI?  All I want to manage going across the floor to the head end gear is power, HDMI or SDI and possibly cat5 if the camera has a built in server for RSTP.  It can't look like a mathematician barfed up a bunch of GoPros either.   Is there such an animal or am I looking for a unicorn? 
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      How you add videos on yt from Theta SC? The same like Theta S?