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Now there is possibility to have LG 360 CAM with LG 360 VR Headset, which have the same price 199.99$.


You can pre-order it from LG website


LG 360 VR specs


- Display - 1.88" IPS LCD x 2 EA, 920 x 720 per Eye, 639 ppi Real RGB

- Sensors - 6-axis (Gyro & Accelerometer) Proximity Sensor
- VR Type - Multimedia Headset & Mobile Tethered Type
- Optic Horizontal FOV (field-of-view) - 80° lens
- Dimensions - 164.1 x 185.6 x 45.9 mm
- Headset Solution - 3.5 mm Headphone Jack
- Compatible Devices - LG G5

- Weight - 4.12 oz.
- USB Type USB 2.0 & USB Type-C™ Port


What do you think about this LG headset?





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