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Guest marty

Google Cardboard

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Guest marty

I ordered my Google Cardboard from google store. It took long time for shipping to come, over a week. I could not wait and I found out that my coworker had it on his desk. He borrowed it to my and I was on my way to experience Virtual Reality!


I have tested it on two phones, Samsung S4, and iPhone 5s. The demo application where you can experience beach, seaguls, fox and whale is very nice. It is cartoonish, but still nice!


After sharing it with bunch of coworkers and affecting productivity, I was ready for more. Some of them started crashing stuff, hitting using their fingers and hands, walking in random directions. It was fun to watch.


I can tell that Cardboard should have some stickers on the sides, because I dropped my phones many times when turning head. Is it just me? Couldn't Google engineers catch that? Anyway, it was very good experience when I held it with my fingers.


I watched Saturday night live in 360 video and it was fun, but blury and when I looked at people it was annoing that it would not focus on them. My eyes started to be bothered.


I started downloading 700MB videos in 360, recording my room in 360 and my phone was full, could not compress my video and that is when I realized oh boy I need lots of storage, memory and better quality camera. My phone started crashing, it was Samsung S4. I uninstalled most if apps related to VR, and I am ready for new phone.


The Google store has some aps to build your home in 360 experience so you can use Cardboard, I need to try that!


Anyway it is fun, cheap about $20 :) I recommend it.


I am also ready for better VR, maybe Samsung gear vr.

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Hi Marty. Thanks for sharing your cardboard experience. I'm a cardboard fan too. As for your phone falling, that depends on the viewer - some viewers are well designed and the phone will not fall.


As for the Gear VR yes please try it! It is much better than Cardboard - much more immersive because of the very low latency. Things you see on Gear VR look like they exist outside of the headset. I used to think Cardboard was good enough for VR but after using Gear VR, I think Gear VR is the minimum for VR.


I'm also looking forward to Google Daydream, which I think will be the same or possibly better than Gear VR.


Best regards,


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Guest wuliwawa

The more expensive the better experience.

How much is google Daydream ? 

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