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Insta 360 4k camera reviews

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Fire79    0

What are your opinions about Insta360 4k vr camera? Do you have any good review? Can someone write that is right choise or maybe not?



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Guest morgan   
Guest morgan

Here 3 videos about insta360 4k




video quality indoors



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Guest Adam   
Guest Adam

I have one.  It's pretty great.  I use the 3k 24fps mode and for the money, in May of 2016 it's really the best choice for run and gun 360 creations.  It stitches together quite nicely and the app works slicker than the Theta S app, (That's the only other one I've tried.) Plus there is a plug in for Premiere.  That's nice.


My one qualm is that their poorly translated Chinese/English website says that the audio input will accept stereo, all I am able to record with my external stereo mic is mono.  Still trying to find others who are using it.  The camera is very new and most of the support is from China.  I really wanted the Nikon Key Mission for documentary work around the world this summer, but it won't be ready until the fall.

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