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Insta360 Nano reviews

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Hi everyone. Got the Nano yesterday. Briefly, I think the camera has potential for being a good camera for what it was designed for: casual use. It's simple to use, relatively inexpensive, has decent image quality for both photo and video, and makes it easy to share videos on YouTube.


However, it has several issues such as not having a self-timer, having an Insta360 logo/watermark on all photos and videos, and being difficult to use with a tripod or selfie stick. Most of these issues can be remedied and fortunately, Insta360 has responded with remarkable speed and has assured me that these issues will be addressed. Some like the logo - will be fixed as early as this week ! Their responsiveness gives me hope that this camera can fulfill its potential as a 360 camera for the masses.


I'm still some more testing and will post a review by next week.


Here are my first impressions: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/07/insta360-nano-preliminary-review-so.html


Best regards,


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I've been using the Nano the past couple of weeks.  Here is my analysis of its strengths and weaknesses:



Practicality and Usability

+ affordable

+ portable

+ easy to use

+ works seamlessly with iPhone 6 series

+ can be operated independently, with simple/elegant controls

+ reliable and well-made

+ capable of wireless livestreaming

+ wireless triggering with Bluetooth

+ excellent viewing options

+ can be used with smartphone LED for low light

- self-timer not yet available (due August)

- ¼-20 tripod adapter not yet available (due August)

- not compatible with iPhone 5 series or SE (adapter TBA)

- need to remove smartphone case when using with iPhone

- no wrist strap

- can’t export multiple photos and videos (need to export one by one)

Image quality (photo and video)

+ stitching quality is pretty good

+ excellent flare resistance

- chromatic aberration, especially at edges


+ reasonably detailed photos

+ low light performance is good for a casual camera

+ vertical stabilization works well

- no exposure controls

- no white balance control

- cloud sharing looks like an ad


+ reasonably detailed photos and videos

+ 3k video is adequate even for VR headsets

+ low light performance is good for a casual camera

+ very easy to share to YouTube

- vertical stabilization sensor doesn’t work for video

- no exposure controls

- no white balance control

Other factors

+ can be used with waterproof smartphone pouch

+ Insta360 has shown good responsiveness to customers

+ includes Cardboard viewer

- no exposure metadata


Here is my review, with sample photos and videos: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/07/review-insta360-nano-360-degree-camera.html


Best regards,


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