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360 aerial photography: 3dr Solo vs Exo360 vs Yuneec Typhoon H

Best option for 360 aerial content  

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  1. 1. Best option for 360 aerial content

    • 3dr Solo
    • Exo360
    • Yuneec Typhoon H

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Which drone or quadcopter is best option for 360 aerial photos and videos?


3dr Solo dedicated for Kodak PixPro SP360-4K, but not only




Exo 360 bult-in 360 camera




Yuneec Typhoon H multicopter good for mount most of small 360 cameras




What do you think about this comparison?










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So far I haven't been impressed with the Exo360 samples, especially with stitching.


As for the Typhoon H, I think if is a very good drone. But whether it is good for aerial 360 depends on what kind of camera you attach to it.


As for the 3DR Solo, the samples I have seen with the aerial pack look great. And you don't have to do any work to erase the drone from the shot. That's why I voted the 3dr solo.

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Guest John

I am thinking of mounting the Kodak 360 two pack to the Yuneeq Typhoon, has anyone done that?  It seems Kodak only makes the mount for the 3dr Solo so would have to manufacture/rig a mount myself.

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