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Samsung Gear 360 - aerial videography, again from another perspective

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    The Samsung Gear 360 is not only capable of making amazing 360°-Videos or photos, no matter if from the ground, or even from the air, with the help of Drones....you may also create not only the so called "tiny little planet"-photos, but also "tiny little planet" - VIDEOS, and pimp your "normal" 2D-Video with new fascinating perspectives....


    DIVERSITY will make the difference....


    a few examples of how it looks like are shown in this short video


    Have fun, and let yourself be inspired....


    This Video was created by


    - Samsung Gear 360

    - Yuneec Typhoon H

    - Cyberlink Action Director (only for stitching)

    - Magix Video Pro X

    - Theta+ Video App for iOS (YES, it works! Just import your Gear 360-Video...)

    - iMovie for iPad


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