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New Theta S owner, with some questions . . .

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A friend had an S at a picnic, and I just had to have one.

I use it with the Theta S iPhone app and have a few questions  --  maybe it's just Operator Error.

1. If I want to email (or text) an image to someone it seems that I can't do it from the iPhone app.  Under Share it only lists a couple "social media" sites, which I don't use.  It seems that I have to open the iPhone photo app and try to get the right Theta image, and then I can send it.  Is there an easier way?

2. Since all shots aren't worth keeping, I'm looking for a way to delete a Theta image from within the Theta app.  It seems that I again have to go to the photo app and delete it from there.  This is difficult because you may delete the wrong one, since you don't see it in 360.

3. Twice now I unsuccessfully tried to link the Theta to my phone by selecting the wifi spot.  The correct wifi is checked on the phone, and the wifi light on the Theta is on steady blue, but the Theta app says that it can't connect, and the settings screen shows offline.  I tried stopping & starting from all ends, with no success.  Even though the power light is on steady (not flashing indicating low battery), what worked was putting the Theta on the charger until the red light went out.  Then it linked right up.  Seems like something is inconsistent here.  Or am I missing something?




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Hi Don!  


1. You're right, there is currently no way to directly email or text a 360 photo to someone from the Theta app.  The issue is that even if you could send it to them, their phone / pc would not necessarily know how to display the 360 photo correctly.  So there are two solutions: 1) if your recipient does have a program for viewing 360 photos, you can send them the photo in the standard format for 360 photos, which is an equirectangular panoramic jpg.  Photos from the Theta can be saved into your camera roll in that format, then mailed or texted.  2)  if your recipient does not have a program for viewing 360 photos, then you can upload your 360 photo to a website that supports 360 viewing.  From that website, you can share the url via email or text.  There are now many such websites, including but not limited ricoh's own theta360.com, Facebook, Spinnable (for iOS), and Kuula.co.


2. From the Theta app, you can delete photos that you downloaded to your phone or those that are in the camera.  https://theta360.com/en/support/manual/s/content/phone/phone_02.html


3. One of the few weaknesses of the Theta is its temperamental Wi-Fi connection.  What you experienced does happen from time to time. FWIW I found a workaround for it.  http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/08/workarounds-for-ricoh-theta-wireless.html


The Theta is a very good camera and I'm still glad with mine.  But FYI it has low resolution.  But if you are interested in it, you might want to wait until Oct or Nov. when they will very likely announce a new Theta which supposedly has 4k video resolution.  There are also other 360 cameras that you may want to consider such as the Samsung Gear 360, Insta360 Nano and LG 360 Cam.


Theta S review: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/06/ricoh-theta-s-long-term-review-plus-10.html

Gear 360 review: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/06/samsung-gear-360-hands-on-review-and.html

Insta360 Nano review: http://360rumors.blogspot.com/2016/07/review-insta360-nano-360-degree-camera.html


Best regards,


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Guest Brian

Quciktime VR is a cubic format, rather than spherical (using equirectangular images). Conversion might be possible but I've had no luck getting my old QTVR panoramas converted to the modern format.

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Guest Vic_Hiker

Hi there All,


Not sure if I can add a question or just continue with this thread.


So I'm a new user, just got my Theta S the other day and have been playing with this amazing unit.

I'm figuring out all the setting for photos and videos... the question I have. 

Created a 4 minute video today, used the Theta S converter to stitch the video together, to get the 360 degree video to work, but when I try to share the video, only 11 seconds of video is allowed to be shared.


Is there a way to share the whole video, not just 11 seconds?


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