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Trying to view other people's 360° photos in my VR from Facebook

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I Google my question and the best I could find was that it should be an option on the top left side saying "view in vr" which I do not see.


I'm using a Samsung Galaxy s7, official Facebook app for Android, the gear VR headset and a do have the gear 360 but I know that doesn't matter.

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    • By KieranM
      Hi everyone!
      I'm new to the forum so this is my first post. At school myself and a group of others are sending a camera up into space, and we want to also use a 360 camera up there - possibly the Samsung Gear 360 2017 edition. The only trouble is the low temperatures of around -45C / -50F (and possibly below) at 100,000ft (30km) altitude where the He balloon will burst.
      Does anyone have any tips on doing this, so as to still be able to achieve a 4k 360 video, without the camera completely breaking?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By tGal
      I have Huawei LUA-L22 4 cores 1.0 GHz 1GB RAM with Android 5.1.
      I would like to update firmware in Gear 360 (2017) and check out what other things that phone app does.
      I just found “XDA developer Bin4ry modified Samsung Gear 360 Manager”.
      What cons there is if i use it vs if i loan some ones Samsung phone?
      Any other options to update firmware and use other app features?
    • By tGal
      Does anybody have created DIY remote control for Gear 360 2017?
      I only need remote control not all stuff that comes with Samsung Gear 360 Value Kit.
    • By Akewall
      I'm trying to live streaming from the Samsung Gear 360 app to facebook. It works well in Chrome but Firefix refuses to view the broadcast. Does anyone have any tips how to solve it?  
    • By OceanImage
      The trim function in the 360 Snap Bridge software doesn't seem to work properly for me.
      I trim, then save the trimmed video, but it instead of saving the trimmed video, it only saves a small 230kb MP4 file which is totally black.  
      Any ideas what's going on, or how to get round this?
      Thanks for any help