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EleCam 360 share videos on youtube
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Last Reply: Herian noor (Yesterday, 05:51 AM)
How to upload video elecam 360 on youtube and Facebook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07QTnWdiSTE
Giroptic Ethernet adaptor working?
Views: 220   replies: 1
Last Reply: QT (Jun 09 2017 09:36 AM)
I just received mine and I purchased a China made POE with 48v output and it works well. I followed the instructions here : https://support.giroptic.co...
360 degree Studio Video - Vuze
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Last Reply: Cladde (Jun 09 2017 09:13 AM)
We had some fun with our Vuze Camera during a little studio session! :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EcBCuF4DrpI On our Website omnia360.de we wrote an article about it, too. I'm sorry that the text is...
Vuze 3D camera low light conditions
Views: 906   replies: 4
Last Reply: Guest (Jun 09 2017 08:07 AM)
Looks great on that video, but when I took a photo in low light, the photo kind of sucked in quality. It was 360 2D, not blaming on the Vuze since I have seen more good videos in various conditions. Just wo...
Using Samsung S7 to take 360x360 spherical pictures
Views: 34   replies: 0
Last Reply: jumpjack (Jun 08 2017 11:55 AM)
This smartphone can take squared pictures with both cameras, and it also has an option to shoot pictures with both cameras ("dual camera" option) at same time, and save them to a single image file.So I would like to mount a couple of 180...

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Trouble with stitching – Please help :-(

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#1 jay2jay99



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    Posted 20 September 2016 - 08:16 PM

    Hi There,
    I'm struggling to create a 360 video, I have 6 GoPro cameras and a 6 camera mount, I've accumulated them over time so I have 2x Hero 3 cameras, 2x hero 3+ and now 2x hero 4. All of these cameras do 1440 x 48 fps and that is what I aim shooting at and at the moment am using a demo of Autopano Video Pro. I understand the 4 may have better colour balance etc but the colour correction in the software should sort that out mostly.
    I'm getting poor stitching, the background seems ok but have trouble getting the foreground to stitch correctly
    There are three stitching templates I've used in Kolor, GoPro 3, GoPro 3+/4 and mixed lenses, all seem to produce the same output. I've tried manually syncing the videos in
    I'm using this mount, it's not the most expensive but it appears to cover all angles just like any others:
    This is an example of video:

    I tried another video indoors with the thought that the autostitching software was focusing on the background but this produced the exact same result, I'd think it's not enough cameras to be that close to the mount about 1.5 to 2 meters away but then in this video below, they use the same style 6 camera mountand stitches ok.....
    Any help would be so gratefully received! I'm going to Egypt in 2 weeks and am hoping to make sure 360 videos but at the moment that's not looking hopeful. It is was definitely the mount then I'd spruce for another but I can't see it is because the cameras do overlap, the next thing it could be is the different cameras, but I thought it'd be ok as it's using he same frame size and rate.
    Many thanks,

    #2 Guest_Jeremy G_*

    Guest_Jeremy G_*
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    Posted 24 November 2016 - 06:04 PM

    Hi Jason,

    It looks like it's not so much a stitching issue, but the blending settings that are being used.  It looks like you are using a Sharp blending preset.  If you select the smooth blending, then it is meant to minimize parallax, which should help somewhat with the transitions from one camera view to another.  Improving the control points and overall RMS score is another optimization that helps.  Ideally, you need 6' clearance around this sort of camera rig.  If you have anything closer to the lenses then you will always be struggling with this issue.  I have heard that using different mounts that allow the cameras to be mounted with one facing up and the other 5 oriented near vertically helps by having more overlap and a straight vs. curved stitch line.  It's a good effort.  Don't give up!




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