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Quads & wifi interference

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#1 warwound


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Posted 22 September 2016 - 07:04 AM

I'm putting together a quad which i intend to attach my Gear 360 to.

The quad currently has standard 2.4GHz RX/TX controller (a FlySky I6 modded to 10 channels).

Next i shall add a 5.8Ghz FPV camera.


After this i want to mount my Gear 360 and am wondering whether i can use Gear Manager on my S7 to control my Gear 360?


Gear Manager uses WiFi Direct to control the Gear 360, i see WiFi Direct can operate on 2.4GHz and/or 5.8GHz:


Does the Gear 360 use 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz - so far i've been unable to find this out.


Will the Gear 360 wireless interfere with either the RX/TX or FPV signal?

#2 iwatkins



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    Posted 22 September 2016 - 03:23 PM

    I'm using a FrSky X8R Rx with a Taranis Tx on my APM based hex with no detectable issues during a ground test while paired to my phone (Rx/Tx is 2.4GHz). However, the Taranis and X8R combo is known to be very good with interference due to channel shifting. My FPV rig however has bad interference on the signal (that's a 5.8GHz and 25mw Tx). Turning off the phone connection clears this instantly. That's not an exhaustive test but defo puts out signal in the 5.8GHz area and "might" also do so in the 2.4GHz band just I couldn't see any effect on control signal strength.


    Because of this, I've decided not to have the pairing active in flight and just switch on and off before and after flight manually on the camera itself. At least we don't need to mess with a camera gimbal right :)


    If you do try it with an active WifI Direct/BLE connection please report back what range you get for camera control, I doubt it is far enough to be useful anyway.


    If your flight controller allows it, have it return to you and land should it loose control connection with the Tx. That's not a bad idea anyway to prevent some forms of fly-away but if pushing 2.4GHz/5.8GHz signals about you would be wise to have a safety net.


    What plans do you have in mounting it? On the body of the quad or are you planning on pole mounting?





    #3 warwound


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    Posted 23 September 2016 - 07:43 AM

    I'm building an S500 quadcopter:
    Ardupilot version 3.2.1 running on an APM 2.6 flight controller (i still have to configure failsafe).
    I'm hoping i can add some retractable landing gear - get rid of those useless platic legs you see in my photo.
    Then i'll be ready to mount my Gear 360 - i haven't got as far as looking for a way to mount it yet but see some useful info in this blog from member 360rumors:
    Mounting my Gear 360 on a short pole underneath the quad is likely gonna give me the best results but will also be more tricky than simply mounting my Gear 360 directly to the underside of the quad.

    I did think i could take a retractable landing gear mechanism, attach my Gear 360 to a short pole then attach the pole to the landing gear mechanism.
    I'd raise or lower the pole from my RX/TX when i need to shoot.
    The pole would need to be at least 6 inches or so in length to be useful and that'd cause the quad's center of gravity to be shifted when the mechanism carrying the Gear 360 and pole is in it's up(not deployed) position.
    If the mechanism failed then i'd risk damaging my Gear 360 when landing.
    I'm unlikely to take this idea any further.

    So the mobile seems to use 5.8GHz to control the Gear 360, maybe 2.4GHz too or maybe just 5.8GHz.
    So interference with the RX/TX is less likely.
    To be honest i don't think remotely controlling my Gear 360 using my S7 is practical - limited wifi range means limited usefulness.

    My goal is to take still images (not videos) using my quad, so starting the Gear 360 manually before takeoff isn't an option.

    I wonder whether i can build a arduino based bluetooth controller that mounts on the quad and my RX/TX controls tells this controller when to take a photo.
    The controller would need to replicate the functionality of the official Gear 360 bluetooth remote - so unless Samsung have published details about the Gear 360's bluetooth interface then it might be tricky/impossible to replicate the commands required.

    #4 iwatkins



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      Posted 23 September 2016 - 08:03 AM

      Sounds like you are on a good track here.

      For control I have the Samsung Bluetooth remote and instead of messing with trying to pair to the camera from Arduino etc. how about using one and simply connecting into the push button? Simple control from your Tx then on a spare channel.

      As for mounting I also looked at pole mounting above which would work fine but view below blocked by craft. Pole out front would also work but would shift centre of gravity a bit too much for my liking even though the APM system is very good at dealing with it you just use a little more power.

      Suspended below would be best, on a solid pole but as you say landing would need some form of retraction to protect it. I've a spare set of retractable undercarriage so mounting one to lower the pole while retracting the landing legs would work.

      I'm thinking it's a little bit of work to get working for stills on command and mounted but certainly doable.

      There again my hex is very well sorted and I'm loathed to mess with it.

      An interesting couple of drones I've been keeping my eye on and may invest in and would also work for the Gear360 are the Fotokite and Sprite. http://fotokite.com and http://www.ascentaerosystems.com/sprite/



      #5 warwound


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      Posted 24 September 2016 - 09:09 AM

      Do you mean to rig up a servo or similar mechanical mechanism to press the official bluetooth remote button on the quad?
      Sounds clumsy to me!

      There's some apps on Play Store that can be used to query any BLE device to find what services the device offers:
      'nRF Connect for Mobile' can query the Gear 360 (when the Gear 360 is in 'remote control' mode) and tell me the ids of the BLE services running on the Gear 360.
      One of these services will be the service to connect to in order to control the Gear 360 shutter.
      I'm hoping i can build a simple bluetooth controller that will be connected to a channel on my APM and be able to trigger the Gear 360 shutter.
      Perhaps a micro:bit will be able to do this, it has a BLE controller onboard as well as digital inputs to allow the APM to talk to it.

      Yesterday i attached my Ricoh Theta S to my S500:
      I took a few shots from the air and had no problems with wifi interference.
      (I'm unsure whether the Theta S uses 2.4GHz or 5.8Ghz for remote control).

      My plans now are:
      • Mount battery on top of frame body (where my APM is currently mounted).
      • Use some ~30mm standoffs to mount my APM above the battery.
      • Attach a gimbal mount to the underside of the frame - where the battery was previously mounted.
      • Replace the S500 standard landing gear with some retractable landing gear.
      I'm hoping that the S500 body and props won't be too prominent in any images i take and that i can simply clone them out in Photoshop.
      If that's not the case then i'll need to consider mounting the Gear 360 on a pole instead of directly on the gimbal mount.

      #6 warwound


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      Posted 25 September 2016 - 04:52 PM


      That's better.
      With my battery on the top of the frame and my APM supported by standoffs over the battery i now have all that space under the frame for my Gear 360 and some retractable landing gear.
      Must be time to go shopping...

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