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very cheap new cam

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There is a very cheap cam (less than 65 €) including a "real" display screen AND remote control. I've been surprised by the price !








- single lens model

- 4MP "only"

- No waterproof case sold with (and not sure they will be available)


i will not buy it but I can share the info here ;)


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It's cheap because it has a poor field of view and ppor resolution:

- just 190°, so barely below horizon (5°); best cameras arrive to 238° (=29° below horizon, or 5cm around the camera resting on the floor).

- 4MP  are very low resolution for a 360 camera: when you look at the rectangular reprojected small region of the image, you look at a 1/3 resolution image! Being 4MP just 2k horizontal lines, you get less than a 720lines picture.

For a 1080 picture you need at least 16M.

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Honestly, i would not recommend you to purchase this camera, it's really not so good and to my mind it is not even worth its price. I've recently seen a good review of some 360 cameras at nuderetouching-com website or somewhere else. There was said that Insta360 Air is good enough. Its price is something around 200$ and it is newer than this one.

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