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  2. Brand new to using this Gear 360 VR. Made one recording in my office as a test, all fine. rendered and played in Action Director correctly. next time I used it, at a golf tournament, recorded what seemed fine. once rendered, from the "main" camera, directly in the center, is a six sided black spot/object. rotating the movie around, the object moves with the video, that is, I can move it out of the way and make it not visible. does anyone have any idea of what I'm seeing? I've attached a PDF with the image of what I'm seeing. thanks folks... gear 360 black object.pdf
  3. New to 360 cameras/ videos

    I'd point you at the Ricoh, but have a look at this article. https://www.ikream.com/2018/02/5-best-360-camera-iphone-2018-25492
  4. How to capture 360 sound for VR

    I saw that someone was using an LG 360cam to capture 5.1 panoramic audio, for another 360 camera. Nifty idea.
  5. Insta360 Pro overheating

    I know this is a late reply, but i thought i'd point out my experience with the camera for anybody who might be interested. I generally don't have any overheating problems. In 8k, you have the option to record the first 15 minutes with no fan. I have learned that if you do repeated 15 minute clips in a row, without the fan, it'll overheat. Recently i recorded a 60 minute video, then 30 minutes later did a 2 hour video. It didn't give me any issues.
  6. Insta360 Pro issues and bugs

    The camera refuses to generate folders for footage labelled with the current date and time. All the folders are labelled as a date in 2012. After i capture footage, i have to dig around the folders to find what i'm looking for. This is still true even after updating the firmware at least twice.
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  8. Nikon KeyMission 360 issues, bugs

    Trying to get KeyMission 360 App installed on my Mac ... Downloaded both first and second version updates, and when I click the "Welcome" App it says it has installed KeyMission 360 .. but it is no where to be found .. Any ideas?? Tried a half dozen times but there are no apps w. "Nikon" in the name, "KeyMission", etc.. anywhere on the hard drive. Where the heck did the installer install the App ... or did it??
  9. What is a good mid range 360 degree camera/video to take pictures of a room before and after a renovation so a consumer can it view on Facebook and look around like you can do on some Facebook pictures with the arrow in the upper corner of the screen and also compatible with iPhone 6. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. I am not getting correct geo location tags in the EXIF in images captured by the Samsung Gear 360 app. They are set correctly by the Google Street View app, but not the Samsung app. I saw Warwound's thread of August through October 2016. Has anyone found a solution (other than to use the Street View Camera)? Environment: Samsung Gear 360 (2016) / SM-C200 Firmware: C200GLU0AQK1 Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935P Samsung Gear 360 app v Android Version: 7.0 TIA, -Peter
  11. Gear 360 geotagging problem

    Any updates on this topic? I'm having the same issue with my recently purchased Samsung Gear 360 (2016) and the app - geotag failure. Seems to be OK in Google Street View camera. TIA, -Peter
  12. What video player AND codec works best for playing back locally stored 8K 360 stereoscopic footage from the Insta360 Pro? I'm trying to get it to playback in a tethered VR headset. I have a fairly new and fast iMac 5K and when I try and play back 360 stereoscopic footage from the Insta360 Pro at 8K none of the video players I have found have been able to play it back smoothly (VLC and GoPro VR player from Kolor). Also what codec should playback the smoothest? ProRes 4:2:2 MOV or a 8K meta tag injected MP4? (My system is 3.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 24 gigs of RAM, GPU is AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4 GB.)
  13. Insta360 Pro Issues

    I had a chat with them at CES this year and they told me that the v200 should fix all the problem. I installed it and seems to have fixed most of the issues. The only one I'm still running into is that Audio and Video doesn't sync. Audio is about half a seconds ahead of the video. I'm going to try some timecode devices during the upcoming shoots and see if that will help me when I sync it so I don't have to do it manually.
  14. 360° stich

    Did anyone noticed the bad stiching on the firmware 200 update ? when tou look up the is not good
  15. Apologies for the shameless plug. Let me know if this is against the rules. We wanted to make it easier to get into creating PanoMoments so we opened up a new UX where you can automatically convert 360 video. Simply upload a 5-10 second clip captured from a static / non-moving camera position, tweak the rotation and you’re done! You can even upload from your mobile phone if you have GoPro Fusion, Ricoh Theta, Samsung Gear 360, or any other camera that stitches in-camera / in-app. Though you'll get the best results using desktop stitching software. Give it a try at https://www.panomoments.com and feel free to post any feedback here. Thanks!
  16. Hi my LG R105 360 camera won't connect. The sticker with the serial came off the camera so now I can't connect via my new cell phone. Is there any other way to retrieve the serial number or to connect with the serial number?
  17. Sampling Type

    Hi Everyone, Can someone give me a run down on the Sampling Type in the Insta360 Pro Stitcher? What is the difference between Fast, Medium, Slow and which is better to use? Cheers, Nick
  18. How to capture 360 sound for VR

    Checkout Movense 360 product photography to capturing 360 photography for VR. It’s one of the fastest and easiest solutions in the market to capture 360 product spins within seconds.
  19. We have launched the Mbo, the head mounted rigging for 360° action cameras such as Kodak Pixpro and Entaniya Modified GoPro. Feel free to contact me at chris@ygp.co.kr if you are interested or have any questions. Also visit our YouTube Channel, http://bit.ly/360mbo, for the footages that were shot with Mbo. Official Website: www.360mbo.com
  20. Here's one of several 360 videos I've created in and around Coronado Beach California.
  21. Underwater filming

    The underwater setting just changes some settings like colors etc. You dont need the flat lenses, if you do not dive to deep. I started playing around with plastic globes, to put in the camera for underwater filming. Since the camera is waterproof, it isnt a big problem, if it is flooded but with a plastic globe around it, you do not have the problem wit the stitching you normaly face underwater.
  22. Hi there, where do you upload your works now? I'm with VeeR VR where you can also upload and share your VR videos and 360 photos.
  23. Hi Folks, I believe many of you shoot and create great 360 photos with different types of 360 cameras. Want to make a research: where do you share your panoramic photos? Thanks for any feedback. PS: I work for VeeR VR, a platform where people can share VR videos and 360 photos.
  24. MADV Technology crowdfunded MADV Mini on Mi.com, a tiny portable 360 camera that retails for 599 RMB (~90 USD) On December 28, 2017, which quickly appeared on the public radar. The MADV Mini camera is the size of a watch face and coated with PU paint, leaving a fine, polished finish. The camera also comes with a silicone casing to protect the camera from scratching. Its name has perfectly matched the reality mini. It has a diameter of 35.5mm and a height of 25.2mm. The camera weights 23.5g, which takes up practically no room, perfect for people who pack lightly for their expeditions. Check out the detailed specifications: Lens Type Dual 210-degree fish eye lens Maximum Aperture F1.8 Image Resolution 5376*2688(5K) 3840*1920(3K) Video Resolution 1920*960 @30fps 1280*640 @30fps Battery Life Relative to the battery life of the mobile device in use Storage Relative to the storage or SD card of the mobile device in use Compatibility Android 6.0 and later Special Features 1. Time lapse and timer 2. Beauty camera 3. 360 livestream for more information to visit VeeR VR Blog: MADV Mini: Best 360 Camera You Can Get for 90 USD
  25. Black blade issue

    Hi, I'm a new user of 360 cameras, and of this forum. First of all, thank you for your attention. You see, every time I take a "tiny planet" video, the image comes up right, but when I try to take a 360 picture and edit it into a tiny planet, two black blades appear right under the base of the camera. I thought it was the camera's tripod, as I have a Samsung Gear (2016), but I think it's a stitching error. Can anyone please help me? P.D.: I'm linking one of my best pictures for the moment, to show the BLACK BLADES that spoil the fun. The forum won't let me upload an HD pic, so I'll emulate it in paint.There is an error in uploading images, so you will have to imagine the blades.
  26. Firefox issues

    I'm trying to live streaming from the Samsung Gear 360 app to facebook. It works well in Chrome but Firefix refuses to view the broadcast. Does anyone have any tips how to solve it? Regards Ake
  27. Insta360 Pro Issues

    I've had the same memory card issues. I contacted insta360 and they replied telling me the recommended cards, but my card is. I still haven't heard back. It's really almost useless to shoot with an SD card. You can't trust that'll work. We have to have a SSD handy for when it fails to work. The beta firmware v200 has some updates that might help with the memory card functions. I'm thinking about trying it. I've seen the teleporting issue, but it always seems to be when i start recording and it quickly catches up, kinda like a lag. After initiating the recording and the initial lag, it seems to record fine. This being a pro camera, i sure wish it came with pro support. They don't communicate well.
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